Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/18/12}

Some clients are so powerful and sure in their decision to choose an abortion.

The client arrived a little early at the drop off zone. We advised them the clinic door would be open in about 5 minutes and they could stand by the door, but the antis would talk to them. The response was, “I don’t care about them. They won’t bother me.”

As predicted, as soon as the client stood by the door they started. When the antis wouldn’t listen to the client’s, “Don’t talk to me. I know what I am doing,” an exchange of words was started. The client moved close to the property line and faced the anti yelling things at her.

Anti: We just want to help you.
Client: You don’t know me and you want to tell me what to do with my body?
Anti: There are loving families who would adopt your baby.
Client: So you want me to carry this pregnancy and then give the baby to you? I don’t think so.
Anti: You would rather kill the baby?
Client: It’s not a baby. It is a fetus. It’s just a clump of cells.
Anti: You will still be a mother, just a mother of a dead baby.

The exchange ended with the client saying, “You aren’t listening to me. Don’t talk to me any more.” The client then turned away and walked close to the clinic doors. Shortly after the doors opened and the client was able to enter the clinic.

Empowered clients are beautiful to watch in action.

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