Sidewalk Snippet ~ {06/11/12}

There are fringe benefits to escorting that let us know we make a difference. The waves, thumbs up and “Thank you for being here” spoken as people pass by are definitely among them.

Sometimes we have unexpected things to make us smile. Another escort and I were standing at the corner of 2nd and Market. A car was stopped at the light and the driver waved at us. We waved back.

Then a Chihuahua puppy raised its head from where it was sleeping on the driver’s lap. I pointed and smiled. The driver placed the puppy on the passenger seat and rolled the window down while inviting me to pet the bundle of cuteness. I took advantage of the offer and was rewarded by sweet puppy kisses on my hand.

The rest of the morning I just smiled. A random act of kindness was just the thing I needed. It was a good antidote for the antics of the protesters.

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