Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/4/12}

A was preaching at the clinic doors. The theme was ‘Those of you in there who are Born-Again Christians need to come out.’ It was repeated several times at top volume.

D’s words were being drowned out, so the alternate plan was being used. D stood in front of the waiting room window holding up a plastic fetus for about 5 minutes. No one looked out, but the fetus was facing the window in case they did.

Another escort speculated on what D did with the plastic fetus when it wasn’t being used for displaying to clients. “Does D fasten the fetus in with a seat belt?”

D carries a statue of Madonna riding in the back seat of the car. D always fastens it in with a seatbelt facing front. Presumably Madonna can look out the windows as they are driving, while being kept safe with the seat belt.

Antis display interesting care of their props used to shame clients.

1 thought on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/4/12}

  1. I know, it reminds me of that one video Nelson did where the anti’s standing next to the preacher holding his anti-choice sign, and occasionally points to the wording, like he’s the illustration for the preacher’s talk. Cracks me up.

    But – D’s plastic fetus is little bitty isn’t it? Is it like M’s, that fits in the palm of your hand? Or does Donna have a bigger one? And am I really having a conversation about plastic fetus size?

    Never mind…

    Classic sidewalk moment though.

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