Sidewalk Snippet ~ {5/28/12}

Watching the dynamics of the antis trying to be the first to talk a client out of an abortion is interesting at times.

There were two women and a child who entered the clinic. After a little over a half an hour in the clinic they left. The elder of the women was greeted by name and hugged by A. They spoke Spanish and A began talking to them as they attempted to cross the street to their car.

D and E crowded around to listen. E kept trying to hand them literature, when D went to her car to find a Spanish language brochure.

A ignored E and kept talking to the two women.

The women crossed to their car. Then D came back with the brochure she was hunting. She tried to hand it to E, but A took it and approached the car across the street. E trailed along behind to listen.

A talked to the younger woman a long time and gave her the brochure.

A came back, E trailing along behind, and told D the client had changed her mind about having an abortion.

It is like a competition and the male anti was sure he could explain it better, even though it was obvious A knew at least one of them.

As I said, interesting dynamics to watch.

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