Abortion in Wisconsin

Last night, I came home from a lovely dinner out still not sure what I was going to blog about this morning.  There’s a video Nelson Helm did that I want to use, but I haven’t uploaded it to youtube yet, and there’s an escort shown on it who I’m not sure is ok with being in a video on here.  So I couldn’t use that.

When I start thinking about the clinic and escorting and access to abortion, I always have something to blog about, so I wasn’t real worried about it.  I just hadn’t had time to write anything.  I’m fresh back from vacation this week – well, I was fresh.   After a week of catch-up, I’m pretty tired.

So I thought I’d get some sleep and figure it out this morning.

But then, right before I went to bed last night, I checked my email and found this blog piece on Shakesville:  No More Medical Abortions in Wisconsin.  You can read it here.  But it starts out:

A clinic in Wisconsin has ended medication abortions as a result of a law signed by Governor Scott Walker in April.

She references an article on RH Reality Check entitled:

It Is Now Impossible To Get A Medication Abortion In Wisconsin

The article goes on to say:

Affiliated Medical Services in Wisconsin has announced that it will no longer provide abortions via RU-486 due to the ambiguity and uncertainty of the state’s Act 217, which regulates the means of providing a medication abortion.

With AMS no longer offering the drug, it is now impossible to receive a medical abortion from a provider in the state.

I went to bed, and lay awake for a long time, feeling sick.  It really is going to happen, I thought.  They’re going to ban abortion through TRAP laws ~ laws designed to make it legally too risky for the provider to offer abortion services.

I remember what it’s like to think you’re pregnant and feel like a prison door has slammed shut.

That sounds so dramatic, but that was exactly what it felt like.  I thought I was pregnant once when I was a teenager.

There were choices – marry someone I really didn’t want to marry, long before I was ready to settle down, and be stuck in a life I didn’t want.  We did that back then.

Have a baby I wasn’t ready for, and be stuck in a life I didn’t want.

Be an “unwed mother,” ~ a whole different concept back in the day.  Or be an unwed mother first, then give the baby up for adoption.  Or ~~

~~  get a “back alley abortion.”

I wasn’t even real sure what that was.

I’ve written about this before ~ the lack of choices, and how frightening it was.  Luckily for me, it was a false alarm.  I didn’t have to pick one of those choices.

But last night, I lay there a long time, thinking about Wisconsin and remembering how it felt to be that trapped.

This morning, I googled “Wisconsin abortion” hoping to find a straight news story on it.  Instead, I stumbled on the Right to Life’s news article on it.   I won’t link to it here, but you can find it easily enough.

And ~ don’t laugh ~ that article made me feel better!!  They say:

Will this moratorium last?  Unfortunately it’s not likely. Abortion clinics valiantly try to make Governor Scott Walker and the legislature villains in the fictitious “war on women.”  Watch for chemical abortions to resume sometime after the June 5 recall elections in which pro-life Gov. Walker and four pro-life state Senate seats are targets.

And I thought, “Oh, yay!”  The battle isn’t lost!!

So ~ I’ll head out to the clinic feeling a little more hopeful.  What we do now really does matter.

I think I’ve posted a picture of this guy and his sign before:

My sign would say:



4 thoughts on “Abortion in Wisconsin

  1. If I would have had no choice about a surgical or a medical abortion it would have given me great pause, there’s a multitude of reasons I didn’t want a surgical abortion the reasons, they were – privacy, it being a chosen miscarriage (I can handle miscarriages, I’ve had them before) and being able to see/dispose of it the way I wanted to. And to state the obvious, it’s very surgically invasive.

    I spent a great deal of time thinking about they ways a pregnancy could go wrong (as a midwifery student and especially while I was pregnant with my daughter) and thinking about the options available to me if something had happened (losing a previous pregnancy at 25 weeks makes you paranoid), I don’t think I would ever want a surgical abortion barring emergency circumstances – I would always want ‘naturally’ labor and deliver.

    No one should be making that choice for a women, let alone trying to legislate it! A woman should always have the choice between a surgical or medical management for her pregnancy.

    This law doesn’t only impact abortion procedures but it can impact how Ob/Gyns take care of miscarriages, fetal demise in utero and fetal anomalies – sometimes the surgical route is fraught with more danger and it would be safer to management it medically with Misoprostol. Misoprotstoal can be used for many things during a women’s pregnancy, it’s especially useful for shutting down post partem hemorrhage, vilifying this drug is wrong and is a crime against women.

    • Hi, Oubli,

      Thanks for your thoughtful, and thought-provoking, comment. Yes, I think not having the option of a medical abortion is really upsetting. I think it brings it home that they are trying to back it so difficult in any way they possibly can as a way to keep people from getting medical care.

      And yeah. They don’t care what other costs are involved. It’s fetus over woman any day no matter what the situation.

      I really appreciate you sharing your personal story here. It’s so important to remember how these things affect real people. Thank you.

  2. This makes me cry. We have fought so hard. Yes, the furor will die down after the election on the TRAP laws, but still every inch is more damnation for our rights, for our freedom. DAMN these terrorists!

    • Hi, Kittybrat,

      It is sad. But my hope/belief is that there will be a huge push-back at some point. Soon.

      Thanks for commenting!

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