The Saturday Before Mother’s Day

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is traditionally the day antis turnout in front of the clinic in massive numbers. We have our annual fundraiser based upon how many picketers show up that day. We posted the count on May 14: 151 protesters; 40 escorts. That’s a lot of people on a one block stretch of sidewalk.

We are always asked what it is really like on the sidewalk in front of the clinic on Saturday mornings. There is no easy answer. Some days it is very stressful; some days it is less stressful. A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t capture the sheer noise and tension of all those antis praying, preaching, yelling, shoving literature, holding up signs and pictures, and interfering any way they can with a trip to the doctor’s office.

We post pictures and videos to give others a sense of what it is like. Below are some from the Saturday Before Mother’s Day.  {Thank you very much to Nelson Helm, who provided these photos.}

This picture is the view just past the drop-off zone for clients. The person sitting in the chair is at the very edge of the zone. This is a pretty new sign for one of the regular antis. It is brought every day now.

This picture was taken looking out from the door of the clinic. Antis move as close to the entrance as they can squeeze in.

This picture was taken down the sidewalk just in front of the clinic doors.

The opposite direction in front of the clinic is the position the preachers stand on their footstool.

Taken from across the street. A nice gathering of orange vests in front of the clinic.

A group of Immanuel Baptist Church antis in their yellow vests praying under the awning at the building next door to the clinic.

A view of the sidewalk clients walked down to get to the clinic. Yes, that is a baby an anti brought with them.

Another view from across the street.

4 thoughts on “The Saturday Before Mother’s Day

  1. Do clients ever lose their nerve when faced with that lot? (And do you know if they manage to come back another time instead?) I’m horrified at what they have to put up with.

    • Reynardo,

      I have not witnessed a client leave to come back another day because of the crowd of antis. Some are unfazed by the crowds. Some are intimidated by the sheer numbers and volume. Some clients talk to the antis. Some clients yell at the antis. Some clients have their own strategies to deal with the noise and confusion, such as headphones. Each client has a different reaction when faced with the chaos. The presence of antis doesn’t change the reasons why a client chooses to have an abortion. My reaction is the same as yours. I wish this wasn’t what clients had to pass through on their way to the doctor.

      Thank you for your input,

  2. Cripes almighty, that’s like a frigging gauntlet that clients have to walk through… and a baby? Someone brought a baby?

    Are they teaching them to hate women’s freedom of choice that early?

    “Oh look, honey, it’s baby’s first slut shaming!”

    And the thing is, you all face that numerous times a day, however many times a week. I’m amazed you can do that over and over without bringing a hockey stick and whacking the stupid out of them.

    • kazei5,

      There are usually a lot of children and babies brought by the antis on Saturdays. They are used as just another tool for shaming. On your comment about the hockey stick, we just keep in mind we are there for the clients and just don’t engage the antis. Sometimes it is hard, but we have found the best thing for the client is to just move through the crowds as if they were not there.


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