Sidewalk Snippet ~ {05/16/12}

There were only three escorts and about 14 antis in the morning. The clients and companions were subjected to a lot of yelling, crowding and shaming.

For some reason, 6 antis gathered together around the entrance to the abortion clinic. They were blocking half of the sidewalk for a long time while discussing the open house tours at the CPC down the street.

A companion came out of EMW with a pack of cigarettes in hand and started down the sidewalk away from the grouped antis. The companion was walking at a brisk pace, but I followed. Around the corner I caught up and let them know they could actually smoke on the clinic property just outside of the door area; that is still private property and the antis don’t normally cross the property line.

I got a smile and, “I just wanted to get away from them,” pointing in the direction of the grouped antis. Nodding, I let them know I understood.

When I came back around the corner towards the clinic one of the antis said to me, “Did you ask for a toke?”

Really? Sometimes the antis reach for new insults. Sometimes those new insults are just funny.

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