Tally ~ Pledge-A-Picketer

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is usually the biggest protester day during the year. Instead of celebrating the weekend with families, antis come out to shame, blame and humiliate clients going to their doctor appointments for an abortion. This Saturday, May 12 saw groups of antis gathered in front of the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, KY.

We take advantage of this day to count protesters for donations in support of pro-access efforts and the escorts. Their turnout helps us to create support and space for clients.

There were 151 protesters present this past Saturday. We had several people counting and comparing numbers to arrive at this number. This is a lower number of antis than we have seen in past years on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, but still a large number of people shouting and praying on the sidewalk.

We also had over 40 escorts helping to line the sidewalk and make corridors for clients to enter the clinic door. We want to thank all of the first-time and occasional escorts who came out early to help. The day was so much better than it would have been without your help. Each of your efforts are appreciated.

We also want to thank everyone who generously pledged to our fund drive. We will be sending out personal emails to each of you today to let you know the amount your pledge tallies to and how to pay. (For example, if you pledged $.10 per picketer your donation amount will be $15.10.)
For those of you who want to pay before we send our email, we do have a PayPal account for escort donations.  You can just make a “payment” to our email address everysaturdaymorning@gmail.com. We will credit your pledge for any donations paid through PayPal.
Again, our thanks go out to everyone who has donated time and money to the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Tally ~ Pledge-A-Picketer

  1. Heading over to make my donation via paypal. I’m glad to see there were so many escorts available that day for the clients and their families. Good job and thanks to all the escorts! Did the antis know about the pledge drive? I’m hoping a few decided to stay home because of it!!

    • Sara,

      Thank you for your donation and kind words. Actually, several antis read our blog on a regular basis so we are pretty sure they knew about the drive. It may be why their turnout was light, but we are not complaining! It was nice to see so many orange vests Saturday morning.


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