The Saturday Before Easter

If a picture’s worth a thousand, this clip is an entire novel.   Imagine walking through this mess on the way to your doctor’s appointment.

{Remember, orange vests are us, no vest or green vests are protesters…}

Thank you, J, very, very much for making the video.   I’m looking forward to more!

Which leads me to an exciting announcement ~ it’s time, once again for our annual fundraiser ~ Pledge-a-Picketer.  You know how it works, right?  The Sunday before Mother’s Day is the biggest protester day of the year.  On that day, we ask people to make donations to support the pro-choice effort and the escorts.  Of course, you can make a straight monetary donation.  Or, to give it a little more interest, you can pledge a certain amount for each protester that shows up that morning.

It gives the whole day a bit of a positive spin, at least for the escorts.  Periodically throughout the morning, we’ll walk up and down the sidewalk, counting protesters.  The more of them, the better, right?  This baffles them.  That makes us smile.  If they figure out what’s going on?  Well, that’s ok too!  Won’t hurt them to know that one day of the year their presence on the sidewalk contributes to a good cause.

Click here to make your pledge.

If you have trouble viewing that form, you can submit your pledge over here.

Thank you, P, for showing us that nifty form for our pledges!

4 thoughts on “The Saturday Before Easter

  1. I showed this video to my husband and explained to him that there are no bubble laws in KY, he said it looked like these women had to run the gauntlet just to get into the clinic.

    My local Planned Parenthood did the same thing Pledge a Protestor during their 40 Days of Harassment and they ended up raising thousands of dollars! I would love to rally and counter protest but I am too emotional and volatile, so it’s much easier to pledge a protestor from a far and make it in the end not worth for them to even show up.

    • Hey, Oubli,

      It is like a gauntlet! You can’t tell so much from this video, because it captures the chaos around the door that week, but they literarily line the sidewalk on both sides. We call it the gauntlet.

      We’ve done the pledge thing before, but usually just the day before Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. We’re not really an organization, so we don’t raise a bunch of money, but it helps.

      Thanks for commenting, it’s good to hear from you!

  2. So if abortion is a symptom of the root cause of a problem like that loudmouth was shouting… what’s the problem? Women’s freedom of choice? ;p

    Also, lovely how all the posers in the green vests shied away from the camera the moment it fell on them. How bothersome are those guys in your daily walks with clients? I know they like to run interference like the other antis, but what else do they do?

    • Hi,

      No {sigh…} thanks to a long, Christian response, I can tell you that the correct answer is “sin.” That’s the problem.

      And if you’re Christian, happen to agree with all her premises, and believe that you should impose your beliefs on everyone, her comment made perfect sense. But I’m not going to approve it. This isn’t a venue for religious discussion.

      The folks in the green vests are just the most faithful of the chasers. The church they belong to got them the vests. They wanted to feel official. In many ways, they’re not worse than other chasers. New folks tend to be the most zealous and don’t understand there are some rules out there.

      It did look like they were avoiding the camera, which kind of surprised me. I usually get the feeling that they’re very proud of what they do. I don’t know what that was about!

      Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate your perspective, and your questions.

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