Feminist Alliance’s Reproductive Health Fair

The Feminist Alliance of the University of Louisville invited the Louisville Clinic Escorts to sponsor an information table at their reproductive health fair, Thursday, April 5. It was an evening event with information tables provided by some great groups in the Louisville area who work daily for reproductive justice. (rhf community flyer)

This was a fun and informative event to attend. There were tables set up around the courtyard outside of the Student Activity Center with a lot of information brochures at each table. The event included speakers from Kentucky Health Justice Network, Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Feminist Alliance. There were contests and raffle drawings, including an egg hunt for children, egg races and a cookie decorating contest.

Ichabod, Brinstar and I brought brochures, business cards, our escort vests and were ready to answer any and all questions about abortion and escorting. The weather cleared off and there was no rain during the event, but it was colder than usual and windy. We anchored our handouts down with small rocks and were ready to greet people by 6P. Several people stopped by to chat with us and take the brochures we offered.

We also took turns going to the other tables to introduce ourselves, look at brochures and take advantage of some free quiche for dinner. Everyone involved in the event were friendly and helpful. We made some new friends and were able to connect some faces to names we already knew.

There were so many great brochures with a lot of information. The brochure I was most impressed with was the one provided by Feminist Alliance. They have been working on its production for a year. It is a complete guide to reproductive health in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

  • “It is not always easy to find correct information, emotional support, and financial assistance. That is why we created this booklet.”

When they say complete, it is. It includes pregnancy counseling services, adoption services, emergency contraception, parenting services, abortion services and a section on “Take Action.”

If you would like to find out more about the Feminist Alliance of the University of Louisville visit their website. You can also contact them by email at uoflfeministalliance@gmail.com.

We would like to publicly thank them for the invitation to join this event.

4 thoughts on “Feminist Alliance’s Reproductive Health Fair

  1. Wow! That is really cool! Glad you all were able to be there and shine your lights to other smiling folks!
    This brochure is comprehensive, I think we need to do this here. Thanks for posting this.

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