Sidewalk Snippet – {4/2/12}

The car with a companion and client parked in the private lot. We were able to warn them about protesters approaching their car as they parked as part of the information we normally give. They needed to wait about 5 minutes before the clinic opened and we waited at the entrance of the parking lot. M approached their car and the companion rolled the window down. A minute later, we saw the window roll up and the companion wave goodbye at M. Not to be deterred, she stood at their windshield holding up a plastic fetus so they could see it for the rest  of the time they were waiting. Once they were out of the car and we were walking, M continued to talk to them all of the way to the clinic door. ‘Goodbye,’ ‘No,’ ‘Leave us alone,’ are all words M didn’t hear..

6 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet – {4/2/12}

  1. Amazing how much like rapist these pro-life people are when it comes to people who tell them “no” and “leave us alone”, isn’t it? >_<

  2. I love those plastic fetuses! When I was in college, I stole one from a poster. My roommate and I kept him as our dorm room mascot. We brought him with us for good luck on tests. I still have him. I wonder if pro-life people would be happy that I kept my fetus?

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