Men Who Trust Women

There is a neat new blog that was launched in February by Chloe S. Angyal. The name of the blog is “Men WhoTrust Women.”

  • Luckily, there are a lot of pro-choice men in America. These men believe that women are capable of making their own choices about what happens to their own bodies. These men believe that no man, whether he’s a politician, a priest, or a partner, knows what’s best for a woman better than she does. These men are appalled at the way that the national conversation about women’s healthcare has been dominated by anti-choice men.

March 20th, an article was published in Jezebel explaining the site. You should read the whole article here.

  • Men Who Trust Women is a tumblr where men who believe that bodily autonomy is every woman’s right can share their stories. It’s not about speaking instead of women, or on behalf of women, but alongside them and in support of them.

The Louisville Clinic Escort group is proud to have many men working for pro-access. They wear buttons and shirts saying, “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” and “Trust Women.” More importantly, they believe in these slogans and show it each time they escort by their actions and words. We have sent news out about this site twice to solicit stories from those people within our group to submit to this new site and share with us.

Reading the stories on this blog is heartening when the news about reproductive justice can be so discouraging. There are a lot of good people with good motivations supporting women in their fight for human rights. They have been present beside us not just the past two years, but in all years attempts have been made to marginalize women.

Some of my favorite titles for these stories:

  • their full autonomy as human beings
  • I trust all people, to make decisions about their own bodies
  • when the gains of women are eroded it impoverishes us all.
  • the state should simply treat women like actual human beings

We encourage you to read the full stories. If you want to add your story to Men Who Trust Women it is easy to do on their “Submit” page. Of course, we want to hear it too and would love it if you added your story to our comments.

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