Escorts in Louisville are committed to providing support to clients entering the EMW Women’s Surgical Center. We operate under the guidelines of the Points of Unity. We are serious about what we do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t find things to laugh about when we are on the sidewalk.

We are a diverse group of individuals, but we do have a lot of beliefs and interests in common. It makes our conversations when waiting between clients easy; flowing from subject to subject of mutual interest to us. These conversations will cover families, pets, bikes, the latest political and reproductive justice news, hobbies, traffic, weather and sometimes the antis.

The things that amuse us can be just simple observations or something we read and share. Cat comics and blogs are a frequent topic that amuse many of us.

Having a sense of humor is a huge help when the tension builds up on the sidewalk. We laugh a lot among ourselves about a variety of subjects. It has an added benefit of helping to put a smile on our greeting for the next client. Smiling, friendly people are not intimidating.

The antis can be the object of our sense of humor. We are always careful to not laugh directly at the antis, waiting until a little time has passed and they are out of hearing range before sharing with each other. When they misspeak as they are bullying clients, it is hard not to laugh later.

  • Your abortion can be reversed.
  • We have created god in our own minds to suit our needs.

Even when they don’t misspeak, it can be pretty funny.

  • Escorts are interfering with me when I want to talk to clients.
  • The escorts just want to get you in there fast so you can’t hear us.

There is also the traffic with its amusement factor. There is a lot of traffic downtown early in the mornings, especially when the Sherman-Minton bridge was shut down. Hundreds of cars will pass by the clinic between 7a-8a.

  • Cars speeding up and squealing tires for one block to stop at the next red light. They get to the red light first, but their speed doesn’t gain them any saved time.
  • Traffic cones dragged underneath cars. The cars broke into a blocked lane and then have to stop on our street to pry the cones from under their cars. Time saved=zero

Part of the traffic is morning parallel parking. There are just a lot of people who cannot parallel park well, including me. It makes you feel helpless to watch the struggle some people go through to park. Should we help? Should we just watch? It is always a dilemma. Personally, I do a worse job with help. Every morning watching parallel parking navigation when there are few cars parked at the meters can be a source of amusement.

  • The escort who pulled up and parked 2 feet away from the curb when there were four spaces empty before and after his car. We teased him all morning.
  • The anti couple that pull up way ahead of the parking space and then back up to just the perfect position. It is always beside a pole that his wife has banged the car door on every morning because the perfect position always blocks her door.
  • Parking meters not being fed every morning and then the mad scramble to feed the meters when Parking Enforcement is spotted. The “Run to the Meters” is a race held downtown every day and can be fun to watch.

We laugh with some of the clients about the weather, sidewalk, traffic or the funny things they say to us to make the walk more pleasant for themselves.

We are serious about our commitment, but know that a sense of humor is part of coping with the atmosphere every day on the sidewalk.

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