Sidewalk Snippet – {3/19/12} – by KpF

(Written by KpF about a day at the clinic not long ago.)

Did you folks see that guy get shot at the clinic this morning?

Yeah, me neither. Because F and K did a BADASS job of de-escalating.

How often do we not see the moments that what we do prevents violence and hatred from boiling over into chaos? I’m seriously pulling chest muscles patting myself on the back here but we were good this morning, DAMN GOOD. Companion showed up with a gun and an attitude and maybe a little high on uppers and we used words and support and consented touch and laughter and eye contact and compassion and our bodies making space and our bodies showing numbers and the client went to the doctor without any wounds other than harsh language spewed by jackasses unconcerned with folks’ situations.

This sunny, yet cold afternoon could have been so much more painful, tearful, regretful, hateful, mean and nasty. Instead it is lazy and nap full. Because we did what we do, really really well today.

Yay us!

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet – {3/19/12} – by KpF

    • @G

      Yeah. K’s presentation is pretty dramatic. He did the same thing at breakfast and freaked me out! But I guess it’s true- you know, it could have blown up, and we did work on calming the situation. So yeah.


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