What Not To Do 101

If it’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning and you’re escorting, and it’s almost time to go to breakfast, and there’s a group of chasers on the corner,

~ and if you decide to walk through them and around the corner, just to see if there are any clients coming from that direction,

~ and if, while you’re looking down the street, you hear one of the preacher-guys coming down the sidewalk, coming all the way down to your end of the block, far away from the clinic, and if ~

~he’s preaching over an amplifier, blasting his religious beliefs through your ears and into space ~

If those things happen, do NOT, as you walk back through the group of bible thumping pray-ers, do NOT mutter to yourself, even under your breath,

“Clearly, there is no God.”

Because if you do that, it is almost inevitable that they’ll hear you.  And preacher-guy will yell over the amplifier:  WHAT IS YOUR EVIDENCE FOR THAT?  YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE THAT THERE IS NO GOD!!”

And if that happens, do NOT respond by saying, loudly, “YES I DO.  IF THERE WERE A GOD, YOUR MICROPHONE WOULD NOT BE WORKING!”

If you did that, you would not be practicing non-engagement.

In fact, if you do that, only the other escorts around you will be amused.  Preacher-guy will not care if you really do believe in God or not.  He’ll take it seriously and start preaching on the evidence for God, and it won’t be really helpful or de-escalating at all.

Funny.  It’ll be funny.  But not really helpful.


We took some video ~ well T did, and then he sent it to me in a text message in two parts, and I don’t know how to put it back together.  AND i don’t know how to turn it so it’s not sideways.  But it’s real short anyhow.  Here’s the first part, where the preacher fusses at T for taking the video.  He says that we don’t want them to take video, but apparently it’s ok when we do it.

I guess he doesn’t understand that it’s clients we don’t want them to videotape.  But that’s ok.

Then here’s the second part.  Here, he explains to T that it’s not illegal for him to use his amplifier.

Yes, he actually says, “In fact, the Lieutenant who was down here 2 weeks ago told me to use amplification.”  Um, seems unlikely, doesn’t it?  But I guess anything is possible…

5 thoughts on “What Not To Do 101

  1. Bwahahahaha, ummmm, sorry.

    C is our OSP – Original Soapbox Preacher. I literally as a little 18 inch rubbermaid stool he perches on to holler at us. He’s gotten angry and aggressive toward escorts in the last six months. His amplification is just a next step in his journey toward center. Or Central State…

    Nice capture of the way we knowingly, willfully with purpose and intent walk down the engagement brick road. It may have seemed futile but you did keep him busy far from the clinic doors and there were no clients or companions around so GOOD JOB!

    And no one left bleeding, screaming, in tears or, hand cuffs, so it was a good day at the clinic.

  2. Honest to….yeah…honestly? I am so amazed that you guys do this week in and week out. Kudos. De-escalation has to be the hardest “ministry’ you guys live by.

    One-time escort October 2011
    and changed for life…

    • @Kirsty ~

      Well, yeah, but clearly, we’re not always so good at de-escalating! At least i’m not always…


      But thanks for the kind words.

    • Well, that’s for sure! It’s probably just as well he was down at the far end of the block, converting escorts, right?

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