Sidewalk Snippet – {03/12/2012}

We can all learn something every day, even from our adversaries.

A client and companion parked in the AWC lot. They got out and the director of AWC was right there talking to them. They began walking to the driveway entrance and I waited patiently for them to get close to the property line where I was standing. I asked if they were going to the abortion clinic. When they said, “Yes,” I explained the clinic was not open yet. I let them know the clinic should open in about 5 minutes and they could wait in their car if they wanted. I told them I could not cross the property line into the AWC lot, but I could wave at them when the doors were open.

They said, “Okay,” and started back to their car. The director of AWC talked to them as they went back to their car and then they changed direction and she escorted them into the back door of AWC. They were sitting in the lobby of AWC waiting.

When the doors of the clinic opened, I used one of D’s common gestures. I stood on the sidewalk in direct line of sight of the client and companion. When they noticed me, I used my hand to gesture them to come out. They immediately got up and left AWC. I escorted them the few feet onto the EMW property. They entered the clinic without incident.

D stands every day gesturing for clients to come out of EMW. It was worth a try to mimic her actions and it worked.

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