Clinic Appreciation Day ~ March 10

In honor of the hard work abortion clinic providers and workers do to keep access to abortion available for everyone who needs it, March 10 is National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.

Anti-abortion protesters started harassing in front of abortion clinics soon after they were opened. The hateful words, signs and violence they bring to a doctors’ office have always been present for clinic staff.

There seems to be an ebb and flow in the escalation of the violence, but it has been present every day clinics are open.

  • Nineteen eighty-five alone saw approximately 150 attacks against abortion clinics and family planning providers. The newspapers seemed to report a new attack every day.
  • Intimate Wars“, by Merle Hoffman, pg 146, Published in 2012 by the Feminist Press

We are now seeing a period of increase of anti-abortion rhetoric and violence.

Imagine the stress of going to work every day by a different route to be sure you aren’t followed, checking your car for explosives every time you get into it, checking your work area for explosives, being trained to carefully open mail at work, screening phone calls for serious threats, and being alert to any person entering the clinic for potential violence. compiles a list of The 10 Most Stressful Jobs.  Their list for 2012 includes a lot of professions that are definitely stressful. The abortion clinic providers and workers are invisible in these statistics, but I imagine it would be more stressful than any others on the list.

  • In 1996, March 10th was declared a National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers by a group of national organizations and individuals as a way of giving back to the people who risk so much to ensure women have access to abortion.
  • March 10th is the anniversary of the murder of Dr. David Gunn, the first provider murdered by an anti-abortion extremist. Since then doctors and clinic staff continue to be attacked, their clients mercilessly harrassed, their facilities bombed and burned, and their doctors and staff murdered. Yet they continue going to work, braving an increasing onslaught from fundamentalist extremists, because they know their services are absolutely indispensible to the equality of women in this society.

What can you do to let these abortion providers know you appreciate their sacrifices?

  • Send cards and letters of appreciation to your clinic
  • Send flowers or other small factory-sealed gifts to the staff of your clinic
  • Volunteer to be a clinic escort
  • Donate funds to help provide access to abortion. (Our “How to get involved” page lists some suggestions)
  • Raise your voice publicly by writing letters to the editor of your newspaper, writing your legislators and
  • Most importantly by voting for pro-access candidates in the elections.

Join us March 10th in thanking abortion providers for their dedication.

3 thoughts on “Clinic Appreciation Day ~ March 10

  1. Thank you for this reminder. Sending a simple thank you card means so very much to these providers, and to their staff.

    • Also, I am an adoptive mheotr, and a birthmheotr to my two lovely children. My adoptive child was exposed to alcohol in utero by birthmom and usffers minor effects, I am lucky. My family also has adopted a child who suffers much greater effects of alcohol used in utero by his birth mom. These kids are our lives, but really, there are not tons of families out there ready and willing to adopt kids with these issues, or equipt to handle them. Sometimes the woman making this choice is considering more than you think, and if you are not adopting these kids you have no right to judge women and say they should be forced to carry a baby and put it up for adoption. It’s easy to judge others and take their rights away when you yourself are just sitting there, but not actually changing your life to stand behind what you say you beleive in.

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