Sidewalk Snippet – {3/5/12}

M was pressing up against the car as soon as the client and companion were parked. The client got out of the car yelling, “Get away from me. You don’t know me.” M ignored her and kept pressing against her talking. The client swung around and yelled, “I have three children already. You don’t know what you are talking about.” We weren’t even out of the parking lot yet and still had a block to go. It was raining, but there were still M and four other antis surrounding the couple as they walked to the sidewalk. The companion tried to calm the client and the two escorts kept speaking calmly, but the verbal contest continued between M and the client. As we crossed the street more escorts joined in to try to put distance between M and the client, but M kept pushing up against the client and the client kept warning not to touch her. Just before we reached the door of the clinic, the client had enough and turned towards M with her arms outstretched almost reaching M’s neck with her hands. Kescort stepped in between the client and M and kept asking M to back away. The client did get into the clinic. M didn’t get strangled or punched. We don’t want clients to hurt obnoxious antis because of the consequences to the client, but sometimes the clients are able to say and do what we can’t. Why are personal boundaries not honored by antis? Why is “No” such a hard word to understand? Rhetorical questions that I don’t expect answered.

After the client went into the building, Kescort instinctively asked M if she was okay. Another escort asked Kescort, “If I punched my rapist in the balls, are you going to ask him if he is okay?” Another rhetorical question.

9 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet – {3/5/12}

  1. For those who have been asking, the last paragraph was added at the request of Kescort in order to point out the normal instincts we have in social situations do not apply on the sidewalk. The other escort’s comment made Kescort really think and agree with their point. It was not added to be disrespectful to Kescort at all because of the awesome work he always does on the sidewalk.

  2. There is something especially heinous about provoking a patient or clinic to the point of striking back, degrading that person to do something they would never do in anything like normal circumstances ever. When at last, they lose it and strike back, it really is self defense. Ed, the aggressive weekday chaser, provoked such a reaction a few weeks ago from a woman. No complaint was lodged by either party but in real life Ed was the assailant. No one should be made to endure such harassment.

  3. I would have defended myself and gotten physical, if after many verbal warnings and disclosures of not wanting her in my space and face she persisted, that’s assault and it was have been defending myself. But in reality I don’t think I would have had to, my husband would have done it for me. It’s assault, akin to rape since they don’t seem to understand the meaning of no.

    These so called ‘religious’ individuals disgust me with their relentless quest to convert everyone to their point of view. God gave us the ability of free will for a reason. Condemning others for not thinking the same as they do is not at all consistent with christian claims of forgiveness. They only offer forgiveness for those who have given up their free will in exchange for their beliefs. *Shaming others for their emotions and actions is not for them to do.* They need to leave the judging for God and try to be understanding for once. Religion is not about following rules but about your internal faith and love for God.

    • Oubli,

      M is one of our long-term bullies. No is not a word understood. It is hard to watch the harassment. This incident with M was particularly volatile. What amazes me is how many clients and companions are able to remain calm. Like you, I am not sure I would be able to not react when being pushed and shoved.

      Thank you,

      • In a better world, you would be able to have one person film her (but you cannot, because you do not want to violate the privacy of the client). With this film you would have (but you cannot) you could show the appropriate persons who would then watch M, and charge her with misconduct. But it won’t happen. In a more perfect world, the sidewalk would swallow the bitch.

      • Kittybrat,

        I actually laughed out loud at your last sentence. Thank you so much!


  4. Also, if anyone acted this way outside a chiropractor’s office, or an infertility clinic, or any other place, they’d be arrested.

  5. See, this is the boundary crossing that is assault. M was the assailant, and she deserved to be choked and punched. But you are right, in that the clients do not need the added stress of being brought into court on charges. It is hideous, what these supposed “people of God” do and say. Although not a violent person, one can be provoked into defensive behavior easily by too much verbal assault of this kind. The fact M was pushing up against the client did give the client a reason to defend herself. And I get what the other escort was saying to Kescort. M was denying the client any personal boundaries whatsoever.

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