Sidewalk Snippet – {2/27/12}

The client and companion parked across the street. They crossed the street and we walked up the sidewalk to the clinic. E was being aggressive and thrusting literature in their faces, talking all the time. Soon after they entered the clinic, the husband walked back out and asked me to escort him to their car. He forgot his ID. While we were walking, he told me the protesters were really hard for him to handle. His wife and he have two children, but just cannot afford a third. This pregnancy was not planned. I assured him almost half of all pregnancies each year are not planned. He was really troubled by the antis. He kept repeating, “I’m a Christian. I can’t believe they are saying these things to me.” I assured him we have many different religions who support choice; Protestants, Catholics, Jewish and people of other faiths believe in choice. He said, “But how can they say these things when they don’t know the reason we are here or what we believe?” I replied, “I don’t know.”


Later he came out of the clinic with another companion and they asked about the parking lot. He asked the other companion if she would walk with him to where his car was parked. They supported each other through the gauntlet of antis and back again; firm in the belief they had made the right decisions for their families.


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