The Anti’s Talk On… {Part I}

You may remember the post I did recently ~ “Why I Don’t Talk to the Anti’s.”  It was about a group of new protesters and their (unsuccessful) efforts to initiate conversation with me.  That week, after I’d explained (twice) why I wasn’t going to talk to them, they finally left me alone.

But I said in my article, “… I know they’ll try again…”

Last week, I was out of town.  This week ~

L and I walked up the long block with two young women who were relatively comfortable, while one of the newer protesters danced in front of us, walking backwards.  Part of his spiel, his speech pressured, words tumbling out,  went like this:

“What about adoption?  Have you thought about adoption?  Lots of people would adopt your baby.  I’d adopt your baby!   No, really, I’d adopt your baby!  I’m on the list, I’m trying to get approved, let me, let adopt your baby.”

The woman and her companion started laughing.

L and I joined in, because really ~ well, for me, i’m laughing at his arrogance in assuming that his offer to adopt the not-yet-born child of a woman he’s never met and knows nothing about would just automatically be considered a better offer than the decision she’s already made.

For a second, I imagine her stopping, right there in the middle of the sidewalk, and taking him up on it.  But of course, she doesn’t.  She just says, “You’re gonna adopt my baby?!!”  laughs a little,  and goes on.

After we leave her and her companion at the door, L and I are talking to each other on our way back to the Second Street corner.  It’s bitter cold – the wind is fierce today, and even though the only exposed part of me is my face, it’s a very cold face.

I may have complained about it.

“Moisturizer,” L says.  “I use a double layer of moisturizer, it seems like it cuts the wind.”

“Really?”  I’m interested, of course.  “Is it a special kind of moisturizer?

And suddenly, here’s our newbie, I’ll-adopt-your-baby guy, bouncing right up behind us.

“Hey,” he says, “You were laughing at me.  You think it’s funny?  You think adoption’s funny?’

“I get it at this store in Oxmoor,” says L.  “It’s kind of expensive, but it’s worth it.”

New guy bounces around in front of us, looking back at us.  “It’s not funny,” he says, “adoption’s not funny, I would have adopted her baby, that would be better than…”

and I tune him out.  “But,” I say to L, “I’d have to go to the mall to get it.  I hate the mall.”

“Yeah, I do too,” she says, “But ~”

He’s bouncing back and forth in front of us, kind of bobbing and weaving, the way young children do when they really, really want your attention.  “It’s not funny,” he says, “Adoption would be better than killing these babies, that’s what they’re doing, killing babies, I would adopt…”

“I get it at this special store,” L says.   It’s a make-up store, that’s all they sell is make-up.”

Vaguely, I hear him say something about “really want to adopt…”

I laugh, and say to L, “Omigod, I don’t know if I could even go in a store where all they sell is make-up.  Do you think they’d even let me in?”

And he gives up.


He quits bouncing in front of us.  Quits lecturing.  He goes off to bother someone else.

It’s a happy moment.  L and I are just grinning at each other.  “We did it,” I say.

“Yeah,” she say with a big smile.  “Next time, we’ll just start talking about dildos.  That works really fast.”

But we don’t get a chance to use that strategy…

{to be continued}


There are so many intense things going on with birth control and anti-abortion legislation that I almost felt like I shouldn’t run this fairly light-hearted post now.  But this blog is about our experience, and when I look at what’s going on around us, I need all the light-hearted I can get.

If you haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on though, here are some articles and other blog posts and a wonderful video to check out:

On the new laws introduced in Virginia, which seem to have a chance of passing ~ click here ~ New laws

Blogs about the new laws ~ This one by my friend Gina, who intiitiated Bloggers United for Reproductive Choice and this one by me on my personal blog.

An article about the protest in Virginia,

A blog that reminded me of why the right to access to abortion is so important.

And finally, a video.  This one comes with a warning – it may be a trigger for strong emotional reactions.  Let me be clear, it may be a bit traumatizing, but it’s incredibly beautiful.

4 thoughts on “The Anti’s Talk On… {Part I}

  1. LOL, talk about dildos! On that note you should work menstrual cups into the conversation, most men cannot run away from that topic of conversation fast enough. Hehehehe!

    • @awconcampus,

      Gosh, I’m glad you raised this point. I would NEVER laugh at the idea of adoption – I know people who are adopted, and people in the process of adopting. I have total respect for them.

      I was laughing because this young man ~ who knew absolutely nothing about the woman walking up the sidewalk ~ apparently thought that he knew more about the right thing for her to do than she did.

      He didn’t know why she was getting an abortion. He didn’t know if the fetus was still viable or if it was already dead. He didn’t know if she was able to survive a pregnancy. He knew NOTHING about her or her circumstances. But he apparently thought she should completely change her plans, and decide to have this baby so that he, a young man she never met and knew nothing about, a young man who was harassing her on the sidewalk, could adopt it.

      THAT’S funny.

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