Sidewalk Snippet – {2/20/2012}

Two companions and a client were waiting a long time before the doors of the clinic. It was cold and the client was nauseous. She was also very nervous. They had driven a little over 3 hours to reach the clinic. One companion identified herself as the client’s mother. When they first arrived, she left to move their car out of the AWC lot leaving the client and other companion at the door. When the mother returned she asked me if the protesters came out every day. Then she said about D, “What is the matter with that woman? She followed me all of the way to my car talking to me. She acted as if we had not talked about this or knew anything about abortion.” I replied, “She assumes you have not done any research or do not know what is best for your family.” The mother replied, “I have worn my computer out researching and we have talked so much. This is a hard decision, but this is best for her and that’s what’s important.” When she said that, she smiled and reached out to ruffle her daughter’s hair. Her daughter smiled back and said, “I know, Mom.”


REMINDER: The next escort training is February 25,  9:00A to 10:00A.


Registration will start at 8:30A. The subject of the training is Legal Discussions.  If you want more information about the training you can email us at:


3 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet – {2/20/2012}

  1. You were very kind in describing D. It is true, though. For some reason, our protesters also think the people coming into the clinic are ignorant of abortion. Of course, ours spew vile and lies as well. The “breast cancer link”, the “inability to have any more children”, the “you will never forgive yourself”, the “burning in hell for murder”, it’s all there for the poor “uninformed” clients and their supporters. Sheesh! Thank you so much for what you do!

    • Kittybrat,

      We hear all of those things too. They seem to have “approved” scripts they pass along to all the antis. Watching “12th & Delaware”, we were struck by the same words yelled at clients as we hear in Louisville.

      Thanks for the kind words,

      • I agree. 12th and Delaware was an eye opener as to the similarities in the rhetoric. Unfortunately, the rhetoric is inaccurate and dangerous.

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