Sidewalk Snippet – {2/13/2012}

Submitted by Ichabod-

D has started standing in the way of clients, companions and escorts walking up the sidewalk and refusing to move, possibly in an effort to get someone to bump into her. When I said that you can’t block people like that she turned around to me and said “you’re people?”.

While walking the last client in D and I bumped as I was turning around in front of the clinic, unaware that she was standing shoe-to-shoe behind me. As soon as it happened she tried to give me a talking to that the cameras have caught me pushing her around and that they were on to me. If this keeps up I’m going to start making loud Beeping noises whenever I have to back up just to make sure the area is clear.


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2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet – {2/13/2012}

  1. IS there any way you can get a camera of your own? Video of D’s antics can be useful. I swear sometimes I am going to put a cattle catcher (think front of a train engine) on my butt to push them outta my way! I think your idea of “beep” “beep” “beep” is a great one! One of the things I do when walking a client on the sidewalk is walk with my arm in front and to the side and I say, “make way, coming through”. The antis hate that, but it does work. If they’re in the way after that, even if you are on film, you do not look as unreasonable as they do.

    My favorite quote from your post, “You’re people?” God!

    • Kittybrat,

      We do film antis frequently. We have to be careful to not violate the privacy of clients, but we film the antis and have them on tape saying things like, ‘God’s law is higher than federal law,’when we call them on violations of the FACE Act. We do say a lot of, ‘Move! You are blocking the entrance,’ and other things when we are walking. We call the anti blocking by name to get their attention. We have been advised by the police to not raise our arms at all, especially not waist high, because if they run into our raised arms it can be construed as assault by us. No pushing with the cattle catcher move either for the same reason. The only thing we can do is position ourselves between the anti and the client. Yeah, we are not people. We are trucks backing up….beep, beep, beep.

      Thanks for your suggestions,

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