Psychic Powers

There are many things you hear and see when escorting clients into the abortion clinic. A lot of them are ugly and disturbing. The goal of the protesters is to humiliate and shame the clients. Companions and escorts also get anti attention verbally and sometimes physically.
Escorts hear and see the same things repeated every day. The same words are used by the antis when they are screaming at the clients. Most escorts can repeat the spiels used daily by individual antis. We need to keep in mind this is probably the first time clients and companions are hearing these words. The antis have a knack for choosing statements with enough emotional content to wound most people.
The statements containing psychic pronouncements are the ones I find really interesting. Antis  apparently have divination powers denied to most of us. It is not just the oft-repeated, ‘God has a plan and purpose for your baby.’ Other statements range between sharing their knowledge of the personal life of the clients to sharing their knowledge of the fetus. It doesn’t matter that the antis have never met the client. They speak with a conviction of their perceived knowledge.
Some of these statements are simply explained by assumptions antis make about all clients. ‘We will provide money and housing for you. Anything you need. Don’t let money be why you get this abortion.’ This is the assumption that all clients are poor. It really doesn’t count as some magical insight into an individual client’s situation. ‘We will pay for your college education. We will pay all four years of college and housing.’ Again, this isn’t magical insight. It is only the assumption all clients are uneducated. It is only funny when it is said to clients with advanced degrees who respond to the anti making this statement.
The statements claiming to have direct knowledge of the fetus are perhaps the most hurtful and cruel. Thrusting plastic fetuses in front of a client’s face while declaring, ‘This is what your baby looks like now,’ is meant to shock and it does. It doesn’t matter the anti can have no possible idea how many weeks pregnant a client is. It is a one size fits all statement with an unrealistic plastic prop.
Then there are just the plain bizarre comments claiming to have psychic connection to the fetus. We had one anti who claimed to be able to tell the sex of the fetus. She would scream, “It’s a boy this time,” or “You are going to have a beautiful girl,” or “It is twins! They will be beautiful!”  Another anti would say, “I talked to your baby. He asked me not to let you kill him,” or he would speak for the baby, “Mommy, I love you.” These connection pronouncements are perhaps the most disturbing escorts hear on the sidewalk.
Recently, I escorted a client and companion who giggled all of the way to the door. Every time an anti would say something to them or hold a plastic fetus in their faces, they would giggle. They seemed to be less amused and more nervous. They were incredulous strangers would say these things to them.
I have to agree. I am constantly amazed how creatively harmful words can be.

7 thoughts on “Psychic Powers

  1. Oh but Servalbear, we used to have the baby clothes. Back when clients could park in Mr. Lou’s lot, they would hang baby clothes in the trees and put toy trams and wagons in the lot. Yuck. The bad old days.

    • Kescort,

      I stand corrected! They were bringing the toys and gathering them around the signs when I started escorting. I missed the baby clothes. The bad old days indeed.


    • Hanging baby clothes in trees? bringing toys at X-mas? Thankfully, our antis (that is so weird to say, “our antis”), haven’t thought of that one yet. It makes me shudder to imagine how cruel.

  2. Creatively harmful That is sad, and so true. At our clinic, these psychic pronouncements are peppered with “MOMMY! Don’t KILL me MOMMY!” and “I’ll be a good boy, Mommy, I promise. Please don’t murder me!”

    Gads, it’s sick.

      • Saturday there was a recurrence of a particularly sadistic and cruel tactic. An anti named Vanessa and her friend hold infant clothes and wave them at people as they drive out of the parking lot. A couple of weeks ago I had to chase them away from the fence as they were holding up these little clothes and shouting at the women going in.
        Vanessa is a young woman in her very early 30s who has had an abortion, but now warns others because she regrets hers. Vanessa has several small children, and yesterday when she was being particularly loud I engaged. I told her to go home and be a mother to her own children.
        Back to waving baby clothes at people… this is particularly cruel, I think.

      • Kittybrat,

        Oh! We have never had that happen. We hear about how sad the toys will be next Christmas, but they aren’t bringing props of clothes. All done in the pretense of “helping.” I am not surprised you engaged.

        Keep up your good work!

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