What will you do to help elect pro-choice candidates in 2012?~ by KpF

Contemplating and discussing how to best support our local pro-access candidates, we quickly, with almost unheard of consensus, concluded we’d not do anything.
We can’t. There are no pro-access candidates in Louisville, Ky.
Now, we have many conscientious, progressive access-friendly state representatives and local council members. These folks worked for decades, boosted by stalwart supporters, to secure the basic protections to access. Their work continues against the constant barrage to women’s rights of self-determination. From the legislative onslaughts and innocuous religious propaganda, to the hospital merger eliminating indigent and low income care, to the worn down apathy of an electorate trying to survive the economy,  these folks shore up these erosions to keep abortion safe and legal.
For Kentucky, Louisville looks progressive. Trendy farm-to-table restaurants, blown-glass art galleries, local yet fresh museums, revitalized downtown and locally roasted coffee houses. But at any moment even the skinny-jeaned barista in his ironic beard could ask us, “Please do not use the A-word or maybe go sit outside. You might offend other patrons.”
To wave a banner proclaiming any candidate, council member or legislative rep pro-access would be the kiss of death. Not being adamantly anti-abortion will not get you elected in the rest of the state. We fly below the radar because we have to keep flying.
Individually, we teach our kids tolerance and understanding. We wear our “Trust Women” and “Abortion is Not a Dirty Word” shirts and field the inevitable questions calmly, with focused intent to educate. We instigate the awkward conversations at Thanksgiving when Uncle Ignorant oppresses Aunt Submissive. We endure the uncomfortable silences at the Super Bowl party as we blanch in disgust at Tebow commercials, or this year’s bloody fetus ads. We collaborate to create real client-centric support.* We escort.
When proclaiming a candidate pro-access and supporting that stance won’t do more harm than good, we’ll pin on the frisbee-sized button, canvas door-to-door registering voters and planting yard signs. But we do not live there. Not yet.
Abortion Support in Kentucky is celebrating Roe vs Wade with their donation drive towards efforts to make abortion and reproductive healthcare more accessible in Kentucky. Please visit their website and contribute whatever you can.

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