Day 5 – Roe v Wade – Call to Action by fml and servalbear

January 22 is tomorrow. What are you going to do to support the right to access abortion?

Here are some ideas:

  • Kentucky RCRC is holding a Candlelight Vigil January 22 from 5P-7P. The location is The Temple, U.S. 42 at Lime Kiln Ln., Louisville, KY
  • National NOW Supreme Court Vigil is being held Monday, January 23 from 5P-6P. The location is the US Supreme Court Sidewalk, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC
  • World Can’t Wait is meeting for Stand Up For Abortion and Birth Control on January 22 at 6P and January 23 at 6P. The location is the US Supreme Court Sidewalk, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC.
  • Look in your area for events scheduled in support of Roe v Wade.  Be a presence at an event – there’s power in numbers.

We need to support abortion access for everyone without any apologies. Stand up and let your voice be heard. Remember the past so we do not have to repeat it.

If you cannot participate in a march or event for pro-access, please write your congressman and senators to let them know how you feel. Vote for candidates who are pro-choice in this year’s elections.  {More on that tomorrow…}

Donate in support of reproductive rights. There are several organizations listed on our “How to Get Involved” page on this blog.

Sometimes we feel like the things we can do aren’t big enough to make a difference.  Call or write your legislators… Really?  How helpful is that in the long run?


But recently here in Louisville, efforts to merge a public hospital with a Catholic conglomerate were blocked. The hospital would have had to follow Catholic beliefs about health care. The merger would have limited access to basic reproductive health care, such as tubal ligations.


There was enough of a huge outcry against it.  People rallied against the impact of following religious guidelines in a public hospital.  We’re proud to say our governor bravely vetoed the merger.


Governor Beshear may not have vetoed it due to concern about abortion access, but at least he supported the separation of church and state in medical care.  It feels good to know that we were part of the public outrage that led him to investigate the terms more closely. One voice at a time let him know how unpopular this merger would be for health care in Louisville.


So we keep doing what we can.  We hope in the long run, it will be enough.

Abortion Support in Kentucky is celebrating Roe vs Wade with their donation drive towards efforts to make abortion and reproductive healthcare more accessible in Kentucky. Please visit their website and contribute whatever you can.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – Roe v Wade – Call to Action by fml and servalbear

  1. Hi, Linaoctober –

    Thanks for the comment – we have to enjoy whatever victories we can find right?

    And thanks for the correction ~ that’ important information! We’ll be thinking of youall.


  2. Thanks for posting this!! I am also really glad the Louisville hospital won’t become officially fused with the church!

    One thing though: World Can’t Wait is going to be in DC on Monday at 11am, in front of the Supreme Court WHILE the antis are marching past. And the Sunday night event is a dinner and speak out at 8pm at BusBoys and Poets. Details are here:

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