Versatile Bloggers Award

Thanks again to A Bookish Beemer for giving us the Versatile Bloggers Award!   She writes a delightful blog about politics, current events, culture, and feminism.  She often gives me food for thought.

As I mentioned last week, the award requires us to list 15 blogs we’d like to give the award to and reveal seven things about us.  I don’t actually read 15 blogs, so I came up with a few.  Then I put the call out to my fellow escorts to point us to some award-worthy blogs.  Here’s our list:

1.  The Abortioneers This blog is written by those employed in direct service to abortion care. Their writing brings to our attention aspects of patient care and current issues concerning reproductive justice.

2. Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome  This blog is written by a reproductive justice activist in Canada. We learn about the abortion struggles across our border.

3.  Abortion Gang  This blog is written by activists for reproductive activities. They write about abortion and feminism.

4.  Feministing  This blog covers a variety of subjects  concerning feminism. Their writing includes everything from book reviews to politics with an emphasis on how the subject impacts feminists.

5.  Femisisters  The femisisters field questions and post musings from their perspective of acknowledged and relinquished privilege with an urban edginess and intellect.

6. Wenches  This blog publishes educational articles on health and our bodies to empower people to live healthier lives.

7. Love Thy Neighbor  This blog is written by a woman trying to live compassionately in the world. It recounts her impressions traveling and reflections on purpose and the meaning of our place in the world.

8. Sunsara Taylor’s Blog  Sunsara writes about everything from abortion to war. Her articles are always thoughtful and sincere.

9. Tiger Beatdown  This blog includes a variety of authors and issues. They cover current issues concerning human rights in countries around the world.

10. Feminist Law Professors   This blog community focuses on the practice and application of law to feminist concerns.

11. Seminarians for Choice  Conversations about human sexuality, reproductive health, and faith-based approaches to both .

12.  The Friendly Atheist  An intelligent, kind take on life from an atheist who isn’t angry or loud or anti-Christian.

13. Alas, A Blog  An eclectic mix of articles of interest to the authors. They write about subjects including feminism, human rights, mythology and comics.

14. Radical Doula  Articles from a reproductive justice activist who is a birth activist too. These articles cover feminism, reproductive rights, home birthing doulas and abortion doulas.

15. Fannie’s Room  Articles about feminism and how it relates to everything from current events to entertainment.

It’s an amazing list ~ thanks to Servalbear and KpF for working on it!!

We’re also supposed to post seven random facts about ourselves.  Here we go:

1.  Escorts are intergenerational.  There are several families who have a mother and daughter or father and daughter who both escort.  And ~ I don’t know if I can explain this right, but I’m going to try.

The intergenerational pairs ~ typically they don’t come as a pair.  So it’s not so much “Oh, there’s Joe and Susie,” as that one day you discover that Joe and Susie, both of whom you know and like, are actually father and daughter.

2.  Two groups of escorts come monthly from opposite ends of the state to volunteer.  They drive as much as three hours ~ one way ~ to offer support.

3.  Escorts represent a fairly wide range of religious perspectives ~ Catholic, pagan,  Unitarian, Presbyterian, atheist, Baptist, Jewish, and undecided, to name a few.

4.  Escorts range in age from 18 to 74.  Our oldest escort was born in 1937.

5.  There isn’t an organization of escorts.  We are a group of autonomous individuals who come together to support access to abortion and reproductive health justice.   We share a commitment to following the Points of Unity.

6.  Our newest escort has only been coming for a month.  Our “oldest” escort has been coming out on Saturday mornings in Louisville for over 12 years.  We have at least one escort who also escorted in other cities before joining us here.  She’s been doing this for over 20 years.

7.  Personally, I’ve been escorting for over two years.  I’m one of the intergenerational pairs of escorts ~ and I can remember 12 years ago, my daughter and some other young people who had spent the night in my basement, heading out the door on Saturday mornings when it was still dark and cold to escort at the clinic.

I invite other escorts to share some information about themselves if they like ~ either in a comment or an article.

Thanks again to A Bookish Beemer for the award.  Be sure to check out her blog.

And now, all I have to do is figure out how to post the award on our sidebar…

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