Sidewalk Snippet {1/09/12}

A companion came out this morning to smoke while waiting for a friend to go back for counseling. I showed her where she could smoke and let her know the protesters would talk to her, but they wouldn’t cross the property line. She said, “Oh, they won’t bother me. I am not having an abortion. Besides, I know the truth. They told me they don’t care about us in this clinic and I know it is not true. Dr. Marshall cares about his patients. He took care of me when I was pregnant. He saved my life and delivered my baby. I know he cares.”
We went on to talk a little bit more, but she was thoroughly outraged the antis would say anything bad about Dr. Marshall.  She was so passionate about telling me what a kind, caring doctor he was.

5 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet {1/09/12}

    • Ebania,

      I read your blog this morning. It is a really powerful statement. I am glad you are putting your experiences down to help other victims. It does help to read about other survivors of violence, abuse and rape when your only thought is you are all alone. Blaming yourself is a part of the process in our culture, even though the only ones to blame were the rapists, Your blog should help others to realize they are not alone in their experiences and feelings about them. I am looking forward to your post tomorrow.

      Wishing you all good things,

  1. Antis so insist on referring to doctors who provide abortion care as “abortionists,” as if that’s all they do. As if OB/GYNs who provide abortion care perform no other function that comes with that profession. I never see terms like “birthist” or “pap-smearist.”

  2. I really like this one ~ it’s easy to forget that not everyone is bothered by the antis, and it’s nice to hear such kind words about Dr. Marshall.

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