Escorting New Year’s Resolutions

I am one of many who never make New Year’s Resolutions. It makes more sense to me to work on individual goals all year around. But in the spirit of the holiday, I think I need to make an escorting list of resolutions to keep in front of me each day when I head to the clinic
In the spirit of improving my presence on the sidewalk, here is my list:
  1.  I will not engage in exchanges with antis. It doesn’t matter what I hear them say. It doesn’t matter how incorrect their information is. Even when they say EMW earned $3 billion (!) performing abortions last year. Even when they quote breast cancer, sterility and post-abortion syndrome nonsense. Even when they say hurtful things to clients and companions. Even when they scream at me. I will not engage.
  2.  I will respond with courtesy and politeness when antis greet me or ask me a direct question. Promoting calm and minimizing chaos is the goal. If I need to say “Good Morning” to an anti to start the day on an adult basis, it is okay. I do not have to engage in conversation, but I do not have to abandon all social conventions.
  3. I will not feel guilty when I cannot escort due to illness or not having the attitude necessary to be an effective escort.  It will not be appreciated by the clients or other escorts if I give them a cold or flu, show up angry or needing assistance. Self-care is as important as escorting.
  4. I will not race antis to get beside a client first. Swooping down as a group of antis and escorts is intimidating to the clients. It doesn’t matter who reaches the client first. It does matter what words I choose when I get there.
  5. I will not react when B redirects clients to the AWC “free” parking after I have given them detailed directions on where to park. There are a lot of clients who do not have money for parking. No one has been threatened with towing from the AWC lot in a long time and the antis are quick to point out to all of the escorts they will not tow EMW clients from their lot.  Advising the client AWC is anti-abortion and their lot is private property is enough. Respect for the clients and companions includes trusting them to make a parking decision.
  6. I will not react when I am pushed aside and shoved by antis. This is especially true when M and The Mayor are around. It is hard for me to control my reactions towards these two because of their extreme aggression and their hate-filled rhetoric. Repositioning myself in relation to the client and continuing to talk in a calm manner is a better tactic than acknowledging the antis’ antics. Of course, calling the police is the correct action if an injury is sustained.
  7. I will not hit snooze on my alarm repeatedly days when I have made a commitment to myself  to escort. No matter how cold, rainy, snowy or lack of sleep I had the night before. It is only an hour at the beginning of the day. I can get warm, dry and sleep after I escort.

This is my list. What are your resolutions?

4 thoughts on “Escorting New Year’s Resolutions

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  2. Just wanted to say i liked this post so much – and can agree to share most of those resolutions. Except for number 2. I know that’s the mature thing to do – say “Good morning” pleasantly – but the times I’ve tried it, the antis have taken it as a signal that i want conversation, and probably conversion, and it’s gone downhill from there pretty quickly.

    So I hear what you’re saying, and I agree in theory, it just doesn’t work for me in real life. My stance continues to be that they don’t belong there, if they want to talk to me, they need to meet me someplace else.

    Thoughts from other escorts?

  3. Servalbear,

    I cannot begin to express my appreciation of your post, and of this entire blog. Today, in particular, these words are inspiring and logically appropriate. I found myself nodding my head in affirmation while reading your list.

    You have done an excellent job in this list of resolutions for escorting. My main focus is to bring and to maintain an attitude of compassion for the clients, and of detachment from the antis. This attitude is helped because although I am now the only escort at this time, there are now two wonderful security guards stationed at the clinic who assist the clients in the door. Also, it is now the guards who will walk the clients to their vehicles if they park off site (or across the street to the bus stop). When a uniformed guard (who may or may not be packing) walks with the clients off property, the antis are not nearly as ugly as when I walk them with my escort vest. Ah, life’s sweet little favors!
    So today, from 8 AM to noon or 1 PM, I will escort clients into and out of the clinic, being the kind face and support for them on this trying day for them. How do I begin to keep a good attitude, knowing what is about to occur for 5 or 6 hours today? I take a nice relaxing bath after getting loved on by my kitty cats. I will dress for the weather, and my husband will smile at me and give me a big, supportive hug. Then I’ll stop at Starbucks on the way. The folks there know what I do in the morning, and as I buy coffee for the guards and myself, I often have my own coffee bought for me by an appreciative staff member (or members). Getting good emotional support first thing is essential to escalating my sense of well-being and purpose. This does help very much.
    As does reading your blog before I head out.

    May your new year be fabulous!

    • Kittybrat,

      We are so glad our blog articles help you to prepare and really appreciate your input. You are right, good emotional support is so important. It is the small things, like buying coffee for you or a simple ‘thank you for what you do’ spoken in passing that give me a lift.

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