Sidewalk Snippets – 12/26/2011

Along with our new look, we want to start a new series of postings called “Sidewalk Snippets.” This will be a space for escorts to share their thoughts, experiences and insights without writing a long article.  Some of the snippets will be appalling and some will share sidewalk humor.

I want to kick-off our ongoing series of “Sidewalk Snippets” with two comments shared by escorts.

After being offered paid tuition multiple times by T, an escort witnessed the following: The companion turned around and informed him that they were both graduates. He fumbled for a second and said that they could help pay for more “advanced” schooling. The companion came out soon after to move their car and on the way back in T again offered to pay for all their schooling as well as telling her how dumb she must be if she was a graduate and still was coming here with a friend. The companion turned to him and told him that both her parents were surgeons, she herself had a masters and that T had no clue as to what he was talking about. All he could respond with was that the client would never continue their friendship after this. To which she replied “Well, she’s my cousin, so yeah, I think our friendship will be fine”.

And for humor….

I have a new favorite saying. One companion gave Donna the finger without saying a word as he walked into the clinic. She thanked him for pointing at heaven. If I tell you I am pointing at heaven, you will know what I mean.

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