Belief and Abortion-by fml and servalbear

One of the myths anti-abortion groups spread is that people in support of abortion access to everyone are all godless. Many of our escorts attend services weekly and have deep faith in their religions. There are many religious groups who support abortion. In Louisville, we have the support of several Christian groups, individual churches and connections to other Christian groups around the country.
This week one of us heard an anti tell a client, “Don’t kill your baby this close to Christmas.”  We think there are unplanned pregnancies every day. The most talked about unplanned pregnancy in Christianity is Mary’s. It was unplanned by her.
The above photo is from a billboard in New Zealand. You can read the whole story of how the billboard was put up to promote tolerance of different views and was vandalized because it was “satanic.”
Personally, we think the billboard added humor to a serious discussion. Unplanned pregnancies happen all of the time, every day, all year around. Supporters for abortion access are respecting the choices clients make about their pregnancy.
There is a diversity of beliefs among escorts and supporters of reproductive health and we appreciate and value that.  In honor of that diversity, we want to wish everyone a Happy Hannakuh, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Good Yule, or Happy Festivus ~ lots of joy in whatever holiday you celebrate. For our atheists friends, we hope you enjoy the time with family and friends on these long weekends.

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