Our New Look

Have you noticed our new look?  You probably have, and may have noticed for a while that we’ve had different authors posting ~ fml, {that’s me} Servalbear, and KpF in particular.

The original blogger, “Everysaturdaymorning,” is still around.  But she’s gotten busy in other exciting realms of reproductive health, with less time to spend on the blog.  We hope that she’ll post when she has the time and inclination.  In the meantime, she’s graciously allowed Servalbear and me to step in and play with the blog.

In addition to the new look, we moved stuff, edited and shifted links and content.  The pages {available at the top of the header}  now include “Reproductive Services,” with information on some resources and the links to them.

We deleted links that were dead.  We used drop-down boxes for some categories, such as archives.

We’ve been posting regularly ~ every Wednesday and Saturday for a while now.  We’ll also start doing some really brief posts in between ~ maybe a picture here and there.  A quote.  A quick story.

Servalbear told a sidewalk story the other day that I’m hoping she’ll post.   Just a few lines of classic sidewalk exchange, it made me laugh.   I hope some of our other escorts will take advantage of this space to share the things that amuse and appall them.  This is a space to share their experience and insights.

And ~ we want to hear your comments.  I have this mental image of the blog as a safe space for folks to chime in with their opinions from a pro-access perspective.

Did you notice I said “pro-access” rather than “pro-choice?”  That’s because of some of the discussion we’ve been having about the history and meaning of “choice” in this context.

Servalbear began talking about it here.  It’s some interesting stuff.

My next post may be a response to her post, since I don’t actually agree with everything she said.  I hope we can have some discussion, maybe rope some other escorts into the conversation, and encourage you to jump in, adding your opinion to the mix.

The comments are moderated ~ it’s not an open forum for antis to argue in.  But we want your thoughts, want to maybe get to know you a little.  We need to know that we’re all here together.  So if you comment, we’ll respond.

It often seems that our society is pushing back hard against women being able to access a full range of health care.  With conservative, evangelical Christians and the Catholics banding together on this, we need to pull “our side” together too.  To use our presence to stand firm.

So leave your comments.  Email us.  If you have a blog, and you riff off of something we post, connect back to us, and we can link back to you, like Bookish Beemer does here.  If you have questions, or suggestions for topics, let us know.

Other things you should know about our new look ~ our address is actually different.  It’s now http://everysaturdaymorning.net.  If you put in the old address, it will automatically direct you here, but if you were getting new posts through the RSS feed, you may need to unsubscribe from the old site and re-do it here.

What else do I need to tell you?  Oh, I know ~ we’re going to branch out a little in terms of subject.

We’ll still  be bringing you primarily our stories and updates from the sidewalk. But we’ll also be doing some posts about related topics.  Like Servalbear’s last story about the CPC’s.  {Crisis Pregnancy Centers.}  It’s not exactly about escorting, but it sure touches what we do.

I think that’s it.  If you notice something else I should have mentioned, or have any questions ~ leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Our New Look

  1. If you can you might want to send out a notice from the old address about the move. I use the RSS feature and luckily read the whole article so will up date, others might have just skimmed the article and not notice the change. If you can’t do it from the old address it seems like the RSS link is still redirecting so a post from here might work too. Thanks for the great content and keep up the great work.

    • Thank you for the comment. Good point on the notification! We have added “We have a new address and you may need to unsubscribe/ resubscribe to keep current.” near the subscribe button. Hopefully, it will attract attention if anyone is missing their redirect.

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