Escort Training and Support

I got a “ping-back” to this blog earlier this week.  :

That means someone has linked back to a blog post on our blog, so of course I ran over to check it out.  {“Ran” being figurative…}

I discovered a very supportive, very flattering, article about us, the escorts, here:

I was delighted to meet Brittany-Ann, partly because she has such lovely things to say in support of escorts, and partly because she’s a bright, funny woman with a definite “voice” of her own.    You should meet her too  {not just to see what nice things she has to say about us.}

AND i wanted to let youall know that we have an escort training coming up on December 3rd.  We’ll meet from 9:00 to 10:30.  {Yes, a.m.}   We’ll be talking about the things you need to know if you think you might want to be an escort.

Brittany-Ann says

“I’ve wanted to volunteer myself–but getting up so early, after working so late in the night, is out of the question.”

She also says:

“I wonder, too, if I’d be able to keep my temper in check. I wonder if I’d be able to refrain from pushing back, hitting back, or kicking out the kneecap of the person that tripped me.” 

Of course, pushing, hitting, and kicking is not encouraged by escorts – it’s not exactly deescalating, and is against the Points of Unity, which you can read here.  In the training, we’ll talk about some of the ways we try to manage our own reactivity, which – if you read this blog – you already know isn’t always easy.

Escorting isn’t right for everyone.  That’s why we encourage newbies to observe a couple of times, to shadow someone at first.  For those of us who love doing it – well, we love it.

You’re welcome to come to the training if you think you might be interested, or just want to learn more about it.  There are other ways to get involved too; escorting isn’t the only way to work for justice in reproductive health.

If you want more information, about the training, or other opportunities to help, you can email us at:

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