Thank You For Your Support

(Photo by Isis, Germantown, MD, August 2011)
We talk in this blog a lot about what the antis are doing to prevent a woman’s choice for healthcare. We do not often talk about the support escorts receive from various groups around Kentucky.

When our minds are bruised with the things we have heard and seen in front of the clinic, it is always a lift to think of the pro-choice support we get from our friends, our community and  nationwide.

Cooking a breakfast for escorts? This is a great morale booster which we are treated to at least twice a year from one group of supporters. It is always yummy and we are able to socialize with each other and people who believe in what we are doing when we escort.

Providing us with supplies? This is such a great help to us and is always appreciated. We have limited resources and donations of copies, office supplies, vests and even money are welcome additions to our effort.

Training information? We have individuals who make time in their busy schedules to present at training sessions. They are experienced in areas we need to know more about in order to be effective escorts.

On the spot support? A honk and wave as a car passes in the morning or a yelled, ‘Thank you,’ as the car moves down the street. A pedestrian saying, ‘Thank you for being here,’ as they pass the clinic in the morning. These give a lift to the escorts and strengthen our resolve we are doing something necessary.

There are so many generous supporters who believe in a woman’s choice.

They believe in the slogan: TRUST WOMEN

They swell our numbers beyond just the small group escorting.

Thank you, one and all.


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