What Has Changed?

The EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville is one of only two abortion clinics in Kentucky. It is targeted daily by anti-abortion protesters. There are days the protests are loud and crowded. There are days there are only a few antis on the sidewalk.Whenever I think the antis may be calming down outside the clinic, I start thinking about what has really improved in the atmosphere.
May 2010 WHAS 11 “ACLU Says Louisville’s  Abortion Clinic One of the Worst in the Country”


May 2011 “Power Project” by a guest blogger. This includes a film of the walk down the sidewalk. https://everysaturdaymorning.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/a-powerful-project/

The answer is always: nothing.

My perception sometimes may be it was a good day. It was quieter. There were fewer protesters. No one was shoving. No one lost their temper.

It is never a good day for the client who has to face antis. Walking to their doctor’s appointment should not be met with harassment, even if it is quiet harassment.

The presence of protesters is a constant factor escorts face. We learn to tune out the words. To us it is “normal,” to the client it is anything but normal.

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