Random Escort Tales I

The new scary Dave {see video in the previous post} was there today in a green vest.  I thought he’d joined with the Immanuel Baptist people at first, but then someone pointed out the vest didn’t have their name on it.  So probably it was it was just a work vest… which is pretty funny all by itself.

He mostly stayed away from the door though, and didn’t do as much chasing as he had been, so that was good.  He did preach at us quite a bit, but that’s ok…

He said something that amused me ~ I can’t remember what it was now, but I had to laugh.  Of course, I shouldn’t have, ’cause he got righteously indignant and accused me of laughing at God.  That made me smile too ~  I wasn’t laughing at God ~  I wouldn’t laugh at God ~ I was laughing at him!

I did manage not to tell him that.

The following story is from a while back, by the escort who prefers to remain anonymous, about a weekday of escorting:

D, T, and I had an interesting morning. For the most part it went smoothly. We had several clients who refused escort and were just fine. They all said, “I am all right. They won’t bother me,” and similar comments. I really love empowered clients and companions.

A companion came back out the door and started yelling at Donna. Then she started filming the Mayor and Donna on her phone telling them they were harassing her and to mind their own business. She said some pretty funny things, including telling Donna when she assumed she was the patient, “I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat. That’s my problem. You are too skinny. That’s your problem.” 

Every one of the antis were agitated after that and we had Teresa yelling at the door, blocking at the doorway and blocking on the sidewalk. “The Mayor” moved in front of me and stopped on the sidewalk when I escorted the next client.

After the client was in the clinic, I asked the Mayor to not block the sidewalk and reminded him the police said to not stop on the sidewalk in front of people, he said “I was just moving with them.”

The only answer I could give was, “Whatever,” and walked away. You have to have a reasonable person to hear what you are saying to have a conversation.

Back to today ~ another protester ~ an older man, gray haired, with a backpack, who kind of keeps to himself says to me today, “I’m not like these other people here,” referring to the other protesters.  “I’m different.”

A couple of minutes later, when I walk by him again, I say, “So if you’re different, why are you even here?”

He says, “Oh, I’m here for a whole different reason.  I think it’s a government conspiracy.  I think they’re trying to kill off the future leaders of America.”

I just laugh and walk away – really, what can I possibly say to that?

I’m not making this stuff up, I swear, I couldn’t…

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