Exciting Development

One of the other escorts posted a link to this article today on facebook, and I want to share it here:


The article reports that the Justice Department has sued a protester for $10,000 -yes, ten thousand dollars – for violating the FACE act.   For doing the very same things our chasers do every day.

For example, the article says:

“Defendant Retta frequently walks very closely beside patients as they walk to the clinic. …
     “Defendant frequently follows patients to the clinic entrance and continues to yell at the patient as the door closes.
     “On one occasion, defendant walked so closely to a patient that he stepped on the patient’s shoe and broke the shoe strap.
     “Defendant frequently follows patients and/or their companions as they leave the clinic and walk down the block.”
Can you imagine???  It just makes me smile, to see in writing that the Justice Department considers those things part of a violation of the FACE act, and is taking action.

I don’t think I’m gloating – ok, I might be a little bit.

But the news that University Hospital is agreeing to follow Catholic policy on reproductive issues like tubal ligations was disheartening,  This article is reason to hope  we aren’t going to give up all reproductive rights.

Hope you enjoy this little ray of sunshine as much as I do.

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