This Made Me Smile – From the Sidewalk with FML

I didn’t get to see this;  another escort told me about it, but it’s such a great story, I have to tell it here.

One day last week, the other escort, I’ll call him K, went to a car.  There was a young girl and an older man, apparently her Dad, in the car.  The girl was obviously scared – not of the procedure – scared of the protesters.

K made his usual effort to calm her fears, but she was still visibly nervous.  Until –

Her Dad gets out of the car, stands and stretches a bit.  “Don’t worry,” he says.  “I brought Sparky with us.”

K thinks, “Oh my gosh – Sparky?  What’s he talking about???  Is that – what could…???”

The girl jumps out of the car, goes around to her Dad and throws her arms around  him.  “Oh, Dad!” she says, clearly pleased.

The Dad slaps his thigh and says, “Come on, Sparky.”  He then picks up the imaginary leash, pats “Sparky” on the head, and tells him to “heel.”  They start off toward the clinic.

All the way to the clinic, Dad keeps a firm grip on the leash – a couple of times, he has to hold “Sparky” back.  But he talks to him, and the protesters, baffled and a little uneasy, back off. 

As he and his daugher cross the property line, Dad bends a little to pat their imaginary pet.  “Good dog, Sparky,” he says.

What a great Dad…

{Thanks, K, for telling the story!}

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