Speakout to Normalize Abortion has moved

Due to the snow, the Speakout to Normalize Abortion will be moved to the Women in Transition office 806 E. Chestnut Street.  There is a parking lot across the street from WIT or street parking is available.  WIT office door is on the ground floor, down the ramp.  Come out and tell your story, hear other people’s experiences.

People experience pregnancy and abortion on a vast continuum of joy and despair, relief and regret. We want to validate peoples experiences. The goal is to take steps towards normalizing abortion. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment for people to share their stories.

Stories can be submitted in advance with an option to have your story read by an actor if you are unable to attend or do not wish to get up on stage. Please email stories or questions to everysaturdaymorning@gmail.com

*note: while all peoples stories are important, it is important to keep our speech personal and not political. any speech that shames, judges, or stigmatizes people or their experiences will not be tolerated in this space.*

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