On the Sidewalk with FML – Things that make me Mad, 9-25-10

Preacher guy in the black shirt – that’s how we identify him, you know – he’s one of the men who stands on his footstool and reads from the Bible and preaches at us.  He’s not the blondish one who used to be homosexual until he “got cured” – that’s someone else.

Anyhow, they take turns harranguing the crowd, so today, at one point, Preacher guy in the black shirt was on the soapbox.  I  confess, I didn’t hear him say this myself, I was either in the parking lot or arguing with the blondish one at the time.  But I heard it from two different people, and maybe one of them can confirm it for us.   According to them, he said:

“I don’t know why these women are going in there to spread their legs for a stranger, thinking that’ll solve their problem, when that’s how they got into this in the first place.”

Does that make the top ten of most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard?

Now, as I write this, it occurs to me that maybe this series of stories is not my best idea.  I mean, I’m not trying to raise everybody’s blood pressure and be more divisive.  These are just things that happen at the clinic.  Really, the clients probably doesn’t register any details in the moment they’re on that part of the sidewalk.  Mostly, it just upsets us escorts.   But it’s ludicrous!

My fantasy is that we can read it, support each other – and let it go.   Remember, this is preacher guy in the black shirt who videotapes himself for his public access cable tv show.   Picture him holding the camera at arms length while he talks…  I have to smile.

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3 thoughts on “On the Sidewalk with FML – Things that make me Mad, 9-25-10

  1. I heard Preacher in Black say, “This woman is going in there to spread her legs for a stranger,” two weeks ago. Even though I was in front this Saturday, I did not hear him say it this week. However, I block a lot of what he says out. The Blondish Preacher did speak for what seemed forever about women who painted themselves for a night on the town and came to the clinic afterwards. Kittybrat is right, the basic mindset is self-verifying and inane.

  2. Preacher in Black is echoing what must be an anti talking point. I have heard this on the sidewalk at our clinic as well. This is a reinforcement of their accusations that women who come for abortions are whores. If they can believe this, it makes them able to stand superior to them. I wish it were not so, but this is how it is.
    These pre-conceived suppositions are repeated to each other and THAT is what they use for verification. The mindset is basic inanity.

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