Angela at a Different Angle

written by “No Choice For Her”

#13 I am never asked to speak for all the people of my racial group.

-White Privilege Activity, adapted from Peggy McIntosh

I never thought being black would be an issue for me when I decided to clinic escort.  But there is a barrage of myths out there, especially online that when a black woman receives an abortion that somehow, “she is killing off her race.”

I seriously doubt that when any woman makes a decision to terminate her pregnancy that she is thinking about a huge responsibility to “a race” more than the responsibility she has to her self and her decision.

Recent attacks of African Americans’ abortion decisions:

  1. Advertising of the film Maafa 21, which claims: “What you are about to see is that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today.”
  2. Klan Parenthood (that speaks for itself)
  3. All American Life League, who states: “Abortion is racism in its ugliest form.”

The very interesting common denominator in all this is that most of these messages are led by white males, who have no idea what it is like to be black and will never have the chance to carry a child.

Right there with them, is a whole lotta white women and their brainwashed offspring telling those who decide on abortion that they are sinners!  All while holding a picture of a white Jesus, who was born in Palestine.

There are many white women and men who are seen more as pro-choice leaders, too.

Race has always played a part in human reproduction and the politics of it.

In slavery a master would force a a black male slave and a black female slave to procreate so the master would have more slaves, in the sixties: Latina and Black women were sterilized without their consent and today we see many trans-racial adoptions of black children to white families.

So as a black women, I feel it is even more important to keep advocating reproductive justice.

“[Just] because white women are working on the issue, does not mean they own it.”*

*Health care activist Byllye Avery said this in the documentary, “Silent Choices.”

further attacks on African American women and their choices:

Angela Minter is president of Sisters for Life, here in Louisville KY.

i ask, is this any way for the director of a nonprofit to act while carrying out the organizations “mission”?

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Wench is based in Louisville KY. What started as a Selfcare Health Education Collective in 2005 has bloomed and flourished and exploded and re-rooted and bloomed again and again. We now wench (verb) all over the US and beyond. Many are still in KY fighting for abortion access, repro and racial justice, and bodily autonomy for all.

5 thoughts on “Angela at a Different Angle

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  2. Last night I had a dream that a few children came out from the clinic and knocked Angela down, and then I put my thumb in her mouth to get her to stop talking. It was kind of weird, but pretty awesome.

    This is a great post.

    • cool dream. . .I have fantasies of somebody knocking her down, but never can remember any dreams I seem to never have dreams, or none I can remember when waking up anyway. . .interesting that it was “a few children” who came out from the clini and knocked her down in your dream. . .curiouser and curiouser. . .

  3. I don’t think Angela can count, there are more woman than men that are escorts. Listening to Angela you would think that the only minority in this city, are African-Americans. I’m a man and I’m a mamority(Spanish), when a spanish woman comes to the clinic;Angela put a 20 second show and them she goes back to her normal yelling and calling us devil-escorts. Also if have notice that Angela is not so much of a bitch when Donna(another protester), is not there.

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