from a guest writer and loyal escort…

I have been escorting for about ten months. When I first started doing this, I did it to honor a friend who died protecting the rights of every American citizen. One of those rights is to have an abortion, which is legal to do by law. I told Donna why I do this, and she asked me if my friend would be proud that I help kill babies. So I told her: #1. I do not kill babies. #2. The doctor at the clinic does not kill babies. and #3. Abortion in this state is not against the law. So, it is not murder.

Now, after ten months, it has become a mission to escort these women into the clinic with some kind of peace. I am sure that a woman who has a abortion doesn’t just one day get up and say, okay, tonight I am going to get pregnant so I can have an abortion. The protestors, such as Donna and Angela and the religious fanatics, have no idea why these women come to have an abortion. They always seem to have an answer to “prove” why the woman should not have an abortion.

I have seen girls who got raped, and other girls who went to a party, got drunk, had sex with multiple partners, and they don’t want to go through the whole pregnancy. I saw a girl who was brought to the clinic in a wheelchair because she got in an accident and had back surgery. Her doctors told her she could not carry the pregnancy, but the protestors told her she should go see another doctor for another second opinion.

The protestors must have shit for brains.

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About wench

Wench is based in Louisville KY. What started as a Selfcare Health Education Collective in 2005 has bloomed and flourished and exploded and re-rooted and bloomed again and again. We now wench (verb) all over the US and beyond. Many are still in KY fighting for abortion access, repro and racial justice, and bodily autonomy for all.

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