5 thoughts on “Images from this past Father’s day protest at the abortion clinic

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  2. Wow, now that I have seen the pics of your sidewalk and clinic I totally understand the altercations these protestors force the escorts into. The situation at my Planned Parenthood is soooo different, the entire parking lot is fenced in, you can drive right by the protestors and ignore them completely. We also have security guards there on abortion days, they screen every car after it’s pulled completely into the parking lot to make sure that one of the occupants is a patient/client. There’s also passwords to get into the clinic proper.

    I’ve escorted friends and acquaintances to the clinic and the only time protestors bothered us was when I was driving in for my abortion. Normally our protestors are pretty timid and they stand across the street, they ask to talk to you, rarely yell but when I drove up there were 2 standing in the middle of the entrance to the parking lot. I had to stop my car to not run them over and silly me, I rolled down my window to ask them to move and then I got a flood of pamphlets shoved into my open window, they didn’t say much but hightailed it back across the street after that because security was hustling to get them away from me and out of the way.

    I later learned the reason why our protestors are so timid most of the time, it’s because of the security guards (mostly ex-cops who do security contract work in Iraq, I’ve gotten to know them well), they never hesitate to call the police when the protestors step over the line. That’s exactly what happened that day, while I was in getting my abortion pills, they were getting arrested for blocking my way and shoving pamphlets in my car (that’s assault don’t ya know!). After I was done and smoking a cig outside I gave a short statement to the police, the security guards had already given lengthy statements about those 2 protestors and my car, they also detailed their over line actions before I showed up.

    I will never forget the smile on the security guard’s face as he told me that he had been waiting all day for them to slip up like that so they would get themselves arrested. I’m glad the protestors picked me, I’ve got thick skin and could have handled anything they threw at me while other women may not have been able to cope. Honestly my CPC experience with my wanted pregnancy shook me a lot more.

    There’s never been escorts at my local Planned Parenthood (not in my experience) otherwise I’d be down there to volunteer in a heartbeat but I think it’s also the layout of the parking lot, the high wooden fences and the great dynamic our security guards have with the local police (them being former cops themselves, their calls get priority and are answered fast) – all of these things make the difference between the patients and the level of harassment they receive.

    ~Living vicariously through your escorting blog, keep up the good works!

    • Oubli,

      We wish our clinic had private parking, security guards or police presence/support for the clients arriving. It is a completely different situation than what you describe. We are so pleased you are enjoying our blog. We are definitely enjoying your comments. It makes it easier to write our stories when we know someone like you is listening.

      Thank you for sharing your story,

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  4. Imagine having to walk through a mob like that every time you had to see a doctor! That’s just awful.

    Thanks for being kick-ass escorts.

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