good intentions?

in the rain

when i think back to saturday mornings as a kid i remember pajamas, the waffle iron and cartoons.

over the years i have seen countless children brought to protest at our clinic.  when i see these kids on the sidewalk, part of me feels sad, for what they are missing.  another part of me becomes a little ragged, imagining what sort of imprint these parents are leaving on their kids.

mother's day 2009

will these people grow up to be brainwashed zealots, carbon copies of their parents?  will they rebel, and end up angry?  will they become teenage parents, products of abstinence only education and guilt laden stigma?  will they have abortions? become clinic escorts?  there’s no telling.


i can’t help but wonder what makes these parents think this is an okay place to bring little ones?  there are regular incidents of aggression, both verbal and physical.

rather be in bed

there are disturbing images on posters larger than these kids are.  it’s not unusual for people to lose a shoe in the trek to the door, and while it is rare we do see violence.

not safe

and yet, parents decide to bring their own kids down.  to drag them out of bed and make them stand on a sidewalk for 2 hours and just stand there.  no playing, no talking, just stand there.  maybe pray, but certainly do not do any of the things kids naturally do.


to me this is not acceptable parenting.  the parents justify it in the name of “saving the unborn”.  oh, please. what about the born?

why don't these kids have on hats!? their mom only brings them in the winter!

i have seen babies with no socks on while there is ice on the ground.  in below freezing temps i’ve seen little ankles and calves with no coverage, or just tights. this is not a rare occurrence.

like i said,  for years i’ve seen people drag their kids to the prayer line, for what i see as an excruciatingly long timeout, for which they did no wrong.

SIT! good girl.

bumper bellies?

some parents take it a step further.  they carry their children while chasing clients from their cars, down the sidewalk, to the doors.  it is during these walks that a lot of shoving can take place, and shoes come off, etc.  the sidewalk is cracked, and uneven, and there are obstacles that escorts and chasers bump into (parking meters, light posts, trash cans.)  it is a truly hazardous situation.  still, these parents walk with their babies, and kids in hand while harassing people who are often under stress.  again, i just don’t get it.

there used to be a woman who would walk backwards in front of a group going to the clinic.  she would hold her baby in her hands with her arms stretched out.  the police told her to stop, and we have not seen her since.  here is a video of current bad parenting tactics…

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