breathing in the womb

Just for the record, we have yet to convince Angela that the unborn are not breathing air in the womb.  Now that we have recommitted to ignoring the protestors and their ignorant words and actions, we seem to be far more efficient and effective in attaining our true goals.  We are there for the clients.  We are there to provide safe entry to the medical clinic for whatever medical reasons they have for being there.

That is easy to think about, talk about, and understand.  It is easy to ignore them when they insist they just want to ask us one little question, which invevitably leads to an endless debate, during which they listen to little and hear nothing.

However, it is not always easy to do.  It seems to be increasingly difficult to not answer back, especially to the lies and threats of damnation.  Sometimes, they seem to make up “facts” on the spot.

In older days as a Catholic child, my greatest sins were talking back to my parents or fighting with my little brother.  The clarity I felt safe in was a coccoon of cyclical logic and black/white rules.  Although I understand how easy that world is to live in, I cannot understand how an adult can grow and learn in this world without perceiving a more complex and inclusive worldview.

We clearly cannot change their minds or make them go home.  Well, except for Dave.  However, we can continue to open our minds and offer respect to each other and the clients we walk with. 

Thank you for caring about a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, her own reproductive capabilites, her own life.

2 thoughts on “breathing in the womb

  1. good points!
    here’s a reminder from the points of unity:

    * Louisville’s clinic escorts are a non-hierarchical group of autonomous individuals.

    * We can only speak for ourselves and not for the group or EMW Women’s Surgical Center.

    while there are tactics and actions we find useful, and that work sometimes, each of us is unique and different, with our own strengths and shortcomings. i too cannot engage and find my escorting more effective and gratifying if i don’t intereact with the crazies. that being said, even i have had convos with protesters that have resulted in those individuals having a new found respect for escorts, or even changing their minds about protesting. some people do a wonderful job of humanizing themselves to certain protesters, which is helpful in softening the fray.
    protesters, like escorts are all individuals. doing what they’re doing for different reasons. some are there because they believe they have a message they need to get across. some are there because their husband, church, parent or friend has convinced or ordered them to go. some of them are hurt from people close to them having abortions and want to warn people about their own emotions. some are big, mean, brainwashed bullies and this is a place where thier aggressive judgements are accepted and encouraged by the other protestors, so they gravitate to where they can abuse people freely (lest a pesky escort gets in teh way.) engaging the individuals on this spectrum can have as wide an array of results as there are types of protesters on the sidewalk. as getbackinline points out, dealing with them in a way that may serve a purpose has value.
    i encourage all escorts to disengage if that helps them be better escorts. i encourage all escorts to only do what they feel comfortable with and capable of doing, for we are unable to empower clients, if we are not empowered first. lastly i encourage all escorts, bloggers, readers and commenters to speak up, but only for themselves, and NOT THE GROUP. thanks!

  2. I would like to point out that not all escorts are committed to disengagement. I do ignore, as I would a toddler throwing a tantrum, but I feel I can be very effective in engagement, and that in some contexts engagement can be more effective for me.
    For instance, a conversation can distract attention from a client slipping onto the property line, or aimless blather intent on sounding as ridiculously ignorant as possible can annoy even the most determined of protesters.

    Either way, I see engagement/disengagement as tools, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I think that the key is for each to have some thought and consideration behind it, rather than hasty engagement (which can often occur as shouting).

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