Archbishop came and went, abortion still a woman’s choice

Saturday October 10, 2009

Escorts: 30 (rocking it out ya’ll)

Protesters: 120ish

Cops: 1 regular sheriff deputy, 1 police escort for the Archbishop and one random cop driving around the way.

This piece is posted over at and well worth the read about our lovely visit with Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. Thank you Shannon, you are awesome!

Here are a few videos from that day.

sure does inspire one to faith, all that mournful singing.

the regulars were a little wound up what with the Archbishop coming and all.

All in all, the day was a bit anticlimactic for us as escorts. We had fewer anti-choice protesters show up than we expected and for the most part it was a ‘normal’ Saturday at the only abortion clinic in Louisville Ky.

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