August 22nd

Today was a weird morning. There were a lot of protesters, and fewer escorts than the ratio that I’m used to seeing. There were also a lot of clients. There were a few scuffles, but nothing major. All in all, though, something just felt a little different – maybe it’s the change in the weather. Technology was not good to us today – two cameras were not working, so I tried to get some decent footage.

One very awesome thing that happened today was that a client got out of her car and said “Do you guys have a blog?” And I said, “Yes!” She and her partner went on to tell me that the blog had been really helpful to them. What a great thing to hear! That made my day.

Here is a clip of a protester as we were walking in:

And no, lady, you are not excused. If there are so many people desperate to raise this person’s baby, then why are there so many children in need of a home, in need of foster care, in need of adoptive parents? Give me a break.

Officer Harper had a long chat with Mary. She did not look very happy.

Officer Harper had a nice chat with Mary. Who did not look happy.

He later talked with some escorts (myself included). At one point I was filming Angela and she got upset (probably because she didn’t have her bible to block her face). She said, and I quote “I’m sick of this. Every day, 50 million cameras in my face.” My question is, where is she going after clinic to be on 49,999,999 cameras? News flash Angela: there are NOT 50 million people in the world who give enough of a shit about you to get you on camera. Sorry to break it to you, darlin.

But Officer Harper pulled me aside and essentially he told me to “Be smart,” and to avoid egging the protesters on. He also pointed out to me that Angela’s husband was there and basically told me he didn’t want me or anyone else to get hurt.

He was not a fan of this sign:

IMG_8351… but I LOVE it! It’s true, a lot of the protesters lie their butts off. About cancer statistics, about knowing what people’s lives are like, about lots of things.

After my conversation with Officer Harper I did think a lot about the whole video taping people issue. I certainly wouldn’t be happy if someone stuck a camera in my face, but then again, I also stand behind what I do enough for that to wind up on someone’s camera or the internet. If there’s footage of me escorting out there, that’s ok – I’m proud to do this. And if these people don’t want to have pictures taken of them, they can very easily choose to take it easy or not show up.

I do think it is important to de-escalate situations, but part of my reasoning for filming Angela is to get her to hold up her bible and drown out some of her nonsense. And if she’s less audible from inside, then I consider that to be a very good thing. Also, I’m simply standing at the entrance to the clinic, filming what’s going on. She is free to move away from the property line and I WILL NOT chase her with my camera. It’s as simple as that.

One final note:

IMG_8349Please lord, let the $5 footlong be a permanent fixture at Subway. And lord jesus we pray to you, please let the Subway open earlier from now on. Amen.

4 thoughts on “August 22nd

  1. I have often wished that there was a resource for clients about “What t Expect When You Come to the Clinic”, more than just the clinic info about what to bring. I know the nurses tell them to look for the people in the orange vests, but there is more information that I think would be useful to clients that we could share (i.e. where they can park, meter feeding/not feeding, expect larger crowds of protesters on certain days, headphones are useful, etc.). Would it be possible to make that a page (If you like, I can type out a prelim and others can add to it) and have a link to it on the blog? If clients are seeing the blog, it might be useful.

  2. I always thought that recording something was a good way to keep it from getting out of hand.

    Maybe it’s different when the protesters are so well known to you, but I would want to be able to have proof of who and what happened if I was in your posistion.

  3. i agree about filming. i film angela, or simply stand in front of her to get her to walk away, or shut up. sometimes it works. her tactic is to yell at and make eye contact with the clients waiting to sign in. if we can get her to be quiet, or at least break that eye contact it makes a difference.

    i understand officer harper wanting to de-escalate, but i think he’s talkin to the wrong people. if he’s concerned about people’s safety because of angela’s hubby, he needs to be told about himself.

    good work escorts! keep it up. thanks for the post!

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