She said something about reproductive justice, but i wasn’t listening.

Saturday July 11, 2009

Escorts: 20

Protesters:  approximately 60 all day

It was a really weird morning. We had very few clients, so of course the protesters turned to talking at us. I got really mad several times this morning. Angela chased a client and her partner around the block after they made it clear they did not want to talk to any one. The ‘Bro Show’ was there in full force . Here are a few images of new props being used. All morning the protesters were pulling dolls out of trucks and using water bottles to build sidewalk ‘art’.

i hope they recycle

i hope they recycle.

This car was parked right in front of the doors.

This car was parked right in front of the doors.

crossing the street

crossing the street

you walk through that crowd

you walk through that crowd

7 thoughts on “She said something about reproductive justice, but i wasn’t listening.

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  2. I’m a Christian and I just want to say that I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry that we impose our beliefs on others.
    I’m sorry that we make difficult decisions and actions even harder.
    I’m sorry that we think we inhabit the moral high ground.
    I’m sorry that this seems unlikely to change.

    If I lived in Louisville I would love to help escort. Luckily, where I live people don’t act like this.

    • Thank you for the sentiment. I don’t want to assume your position on abortion, but do very much appreciate that you feel this is an inappropriate method for advocating a certan position or world view.

      We have found that some of most dedicated people in the Reproductive and Sexual Justice Movement are people of faith. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice as well as many other groups have found their religious principals very much at the core of the pro-choice paradigm.

      And finally as much as I appreciate your speaking to us, really I would ask you to please speak with your cohorts. Again I do not want to assume your position on any of this other than you say you are sorry for these wrongs. Share that with your fellow Christians. You are who they will listen to, not me. That is where you can be the most affective, where you can assist the protesters to apply the Christian ideas of love, charity and peace.

      Thanks again.

  3. Hi there,

    I’m an Australian, here via the recent entry on Boing Boing.

    Anyway, I just read this entry, and I just wanted to say how brave you are, and what amazing and important work you do. ^_^

    Also? This crap is unbelievable. I’ve been to a clinic to have a termination, and there was nary a protester outside. Not one.

    To have to run the gamut of a violent crowd… …it makes you wonder where the police are, that they are not pressing assault charges against the protestors for their actions. Grrrr.

    All good thoughts
    For all good things-

  4. I’m so glad I found this blog. I just did my first day of escorting last Saturday with the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force (WACDTF). It is truly disgusting that we have to escort, but it has been inspiring to meet the people that do.

  5. Almost every Saturday offers oddities but this week’s were noteworthy. To wit:

    The high school ladies, their first time at the clinic were shocked by the aggressive chasing of the sidewalk counselors so much so that they attempted to apologize. Andy put them firmly and swiftly in their place.

    Plastic Babydolls. Really, about fifteen or twenty plastic babydolls, in various stages of undress, set out on the hoods of cars, under trees and in the sidewalk. Crazy heroin junkie guy put a White Castle bag on one of the dolls heads and told the story of this baby being a failed abortion that grew up to be a spokesman for White Castle.

    And then the guy that double parked, took a case of bottled water, arrange it inot a cross on the sidewalk and put a note about The Forgotten Floor at Miami-Dade County jail at the foot of the cross and covered the note with pennies.

    And somewhere in there, ten or twelve women managed to go to the doctor despite all of that.

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