Mother’s Day, at an Abortion Clinic |

Mother’s Day, at an Abortion Clinic |

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Don’t forget tomorrow is the Saturday before Mother’s Day. This is the single largest protest day of the year, with as many as 500 protesters lining the streets, making access difficult.  Come out early and work with your community to protect and support a person’s right to choose.

When: Saturday May 9, 2009

Where: EMW Women’s Surgical Center 138 E. Market St, Louisville KY 40202

What time: 6:15 am

Who: Anyone interested in supporting people accessing Reproductive Health Care in Louisville.

Please remember we escort in the street, so dress appropriately for the weather.

Hope to see you there.2-15-09 8

26 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, at an Abortion Clinic |

  1. All of them that matter to the Supreme Court of The United States of America. If you want to live in a theological state, I suggest Iran or Saudi Arabia or Chad if you are especially partial to clitorectomies.

    Look, we are not going to change each others’ minds. We aren’t even going to approach common ground. Let’s just quit taking up bandwidth with this rhetorical volley, okay?

    I’m done beating my head against your wailing wall Student.

    See you in the morning!

    Take Care,


  2. Greater minds, both medical and legal, have long ago decided that abortion is not killing. Your personal beliefs obviously differ so I suggest you not get an abortion. But please allow others the same constitutional freedom to make their choices based on their beliefs and what is legal.

  3. Student, you just need to study more. I mean, isn’t it obvious I am not going to engage in this rhetorical, cliche argument comparing slavery and abortion? You religiousi love to make this comparison and try to frame it in the same context, all the while denying the pivotal role that christianity in general and evangelical missions in particular played in launching, facilitating and perpetuating African slavery. Do not EVEN get me started on the church’s role in enslaving and dehumanizing women, the Hispanic invasions, and all those alter boys since the early nineteenth century. Envoking this argument shows that you have very little grasp of your current society, the history that produces this particular social construct or even the religion you profess to be so in love with and studying. I suggest you hit the good books – you know, the ones that don’t begin like a snoopy novel with “In the beginning there was blahblahblah”.

    See you Saturday!

  4. Were not those US “social constructs . . . sophomoric and ultimately invalid” for an enlightened society?

  5. As one time, did the US laws not allow land owners the choice to own blacks as slaves as a normal part of commerce, land ownership, and choice?

  6. The social constructs of pregnancy make any of these comparisons sophomoric and ultimately invalid. A human being is a human being with certain unalienable rights. A fetus is not. You may not agree with that but that is not only the law, it is the accepted, if begrudgingly accepted, mores of our culture. For instance, a woman who smokes while she is pregnant may be looked down upon, but a woman who gives her six month old baby a pack of smokes and a lighter would be guilty of a crime.

    Women have a right to chose when and how often they will be mothers. They always have and they always will. The law sees fit to allow that choice to be a normal part of reproductive health care. I escort to empower women to exercise their rights.

  7. I wouldn’t call it crowd control because we are reactive more than proactive – we try to diffuse the situation and create a body width space between the clients and the sidewalk counselors.

    The web would be a much better venue for debating the merits of abortion but haven’t these discussions been done to death? What new information is there to sway one’s opinion?

    And in the end, people’s opinions do not matter anyway. This is woman’s choice, always has been, always will be. Since Roe Vs Wade, the procedure has been made safer and less stigmatized. Reversing that law will not stop abortion, it’ll just drive them underground.

  8. Escorts would be something like crowd control?

    Would the web be a better place to debate the abortion merits?

  9. They are not irrelevant but greater minds than ours have decided, some 20 plus years ago that this is a medical procedure that women should have access to. As escorts, we are there to empower women going to the doctor. The clinic is not the place to debate reproductive health care issues. It is also not the place to harass and obstruct. We are there to minimize the chaos and normalize the situation as much as possible.

  10. You are right. Religious and theological reasoning are irrelevant in US law scrutiny.

    Should medical facts also be irrelevant?

  11. No, the Dred Scott case did NOT protect the right to own another human being. The Supreme Court ultimately ruled that Scott was not a citizen and could not legally bring suit in this country.

    But let’s not split hairs over a long dead issue.

    I would be willing to prevent a group of people from using religious or theological reasoning to attempt to force another person to behave they way the religious or theological believed they should behave.

    My personal views on abortion may actually surprise you student. But I’m not here to espouse my personal beliefs on an issue that, as a middle aged man who had a vasectomy, will never have any personal impact on my life. It’d make as much sense for us as Americans to espouse personal opinions about the laws of Australia. Have your opinion but don’t think it matters or your vote is going to count.

    If you disagree with the laws of this land, then work to change them. Do not harass, bully, threaten, intimidate and psychologically attack people who are going to the doctor. Anti-choice protesters have no right to come to a clinic and attempt to dissuade the clients from doing what they have decided is best for themselves and their families. As escorts, we are there to support the clients and empower them to stand up to the Anti-choice forces and do what they need to do – go to the doctor.

  12. Did the Dred Scott case (while good law) not protect the “right to own another human being”as a slave?

    While Dred Scott was good law, would you been willing to enforce slave owner rights?

  13. Were those in the South (that helped slave escape) also preventing slave owner’s from exercising owner’s constitutional rights?

  14. The merits of the debate are not irrelevant, they are simply out of place in front of an abortion clinic on Saturday morning as clients are attempting to go see the doctor.

    I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those that would harass and otherwise interfere with women going to the doctor for a legal medical procedure are a clear and present danger to the constitutional rights of not only the clients but all of us with who they may disagree.

  15. If the merits of the abortion debate are irrelevant, what is the inspiration for your hours of work you contribute?

  16. Student – What abortion may or may not be about is as unique as those that have them. This blog is about escorting. I escort to empower people that have made a decision to have a legal medical procedure. That’s all. It is helping people go to the doctor when those that disagree would prevent it. Why they disagree is irrelevant.

    • According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, 61% of women having an abortion have one or more children. Abortion is not about avoiding motherhood for many women, but protecting the well-being of their children.

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