sights from Derby Festival kick off day.

this lady is clearly VERY dedicated to this cause

this lady is clearly VERY dedicated to this cause

The Saturday of Thunder over Louisville is always difficult at the clinic.  This is because every parking lot is locked down for Thunder goers, making parking especially difficult for clients.  Afterall 40ish protesters get all the closeby street parking…

what do you mean access?

Our walking escorts definately got a work out this morning, as every client came down the same path all morning, thus gaining every chasing protester as they walked down the sidewalk.

safe, legal and accessable?

safe, legal and accessable?

here are some shots of our most artistic protester with his new sign…

side one

side two



details below.

5 thoughts on “sights from Derby Festival kick off day.

  1. It looks like he spelled his own web site correctly on the other side of his sign. I recommend checking out his site. Here’s the link:
    It’s always amusing to see his latest art projects, but even better is his descriptions of their meaning. Here’s a sampling:

    John the Baptist poured water over the face of Jesus in this painting. The cool water became holy water as it washed sweat, dirt and dried skin off the face of Jesus. Adult stem cells in the skin of Jesus mixed with water and fell back into the Jordan River. All the water of the Jordan became holy water forever and “living waters” inside stem cell Jesus began to flow up and down river. Dear sweet Holy Spirit please change all water as we drink it into the “living water” inside stem cell Jesus and help us respect life. Dear all-powerful stem cell God turn our hearts away from contraception the evil root of abortion. Amen.

    He’s into stem cells big time. He’s even got stem cells with wings flying around some of his paintings, just like the typical flying baby heads you see all over catholic iconography. I often wonder what the Vatican would have to say about his theology.

  2. Wait a minute, wait a minute! This is brilliant!

    I went to search, because that’s what’s written on the sign (in the 2nd picture, at least). I was thinking “embro yo jesus? what?”
    It’s spelled wrong – doesn’t exist!

  3. I love commas as much as the next guy… but embroyojesus takes the cake.
    I enjoyed escorting this morning. I would say it was definitely a pretty good first experience – not too overwhelming at least. The weather was lovely, and it was great to meet so many people who also care about trying to not let people take away other people’s rights.
    Also, great training, sorry I couldn’t stay for all of it!

  4. Oh, I love it! “”! It makes me imagine some Jersey guy yelling out “Yo! Jesus!” What the hell does that even MEAN, Stop Aborting Stock Market? Does he imagine that there are little stock markets hanging out in uteri? Frankly, I love this guy. His absolute insanity, coupled with his hilarious spelling and grammatical errors, cracks me up every time!

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