ESCORT TRAINING before Mother’s Day!

WENCH selfcare health education collective will be hosting another escort training April 25th at 9am.  we will meet at 4th avenue methodist church (at St. Catherine) after escorting.

Hear from experienced escorts about what to expect from this highly charge environment.  in the past we have seen between 300 and 500 protesters turn out to guilt trip women around this sensitive holiday.

this is one of four trainings WENCH does a year.  if you are unable to make  it to this training, let us know.  you will stilled be welcomed outside the clinic on a regular saturday.  We would, however prefer that people be trained for Mother’s Day.


escorts are working outside for almost two hours, so be sure to dress for the weather.

clinic can be stressful and sometimes triggering.  this work is not for everyone.  be sure to mentally prepare and know what your limits are.

neither this training, nor any WENCH event are forums to debate reproductive freedoms.  all are welcome, however anyone derailing the process will be removed by moderators. immediately without discussion.

5 thoughts on “ESCORT TRAINING before Mother’s Day!

  1. Do we need refreshments? I’m a scratch baker with a touch for Boston Creme Pie and Red Velvet Cake. Then again, soup and soda bread might be better…

  2. You are more than welcome to come out this Saturday. The Saturday before Easter can be more intense than other Saturdays. We usually have more protesters than usual, but it is still good to come out and see what is going on before training. I look forward to meeting you this Saturday.

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